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Evaluation of my website creation project

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Evaluation The project as a whole was a success I created a full operational website using different techniques and programs. Objective 1 - 'Make a clear easy to use website that is easy to read and manageable.' I constructed the website using the space wisely, avoiding cramping things and always making fonts a size and font that was easy to read. This was usually 12 or 14pt , New times Roman. I used this font because it was not over the top and could be read comfortably. To make the website manageable I split the pages up so that not too much information was on one page I used colours and pictures to keep the page looking good and splitting up text appearing like less text thus more manageable. Objective 2 - 'Include changing images and animations' This was met by using Flash MX 2004 to create pictures, which automatically changed after about 4-5 seconds. ...read more.


Grammatical errors were resolved by using the spell checker on all the text files, this proved successful in spotting a number of files that otherwise would have made a number of spelling errors or words that were inappropriate and accidentally typed. This was applied to all of my articles and text. Objective 5 'Have a full functional website with no dead links' The test plan I set up earlier specifically targeted this problem and by using a marked out plan I was able to ensure all links worked correctly. Although initially I had problems with external linking as when I typed in an URL, it wanted to link it to files within the directory, which did not always exist, as they were links to external sites. This was overcome by hyper linking to external sites. Not using the box to type in a link, which was intended for use of internal linking. ...read more.


There was not enough content as one would expect from a aviation site." Andrew B. "The overall finish is quite plain but it works, the images sometime seem pixilated, the movie could have been timed more effectively the writing goes too quickly making it difficult to read. Also the banner's writing doesn't blend with it suitably making it look out of place" Steven P. The future In the future, I would like to develop the site further taking into consideration the advice given. If I did develop the site further I would do the following things. 1) Insert start and stop buttons for any flash movies, adding professionalism. 2) Use the highest quality when exporting flash images, ensuring they are of adequate quality and not pixilated. 3) Expand the site including more categories such as a forum, shop, and gallery with a few pages on the latest news with various articles. 4) Include contact details somewhere on the site. 5) Ensure flash movies are timed appropriately using the time more wisely. 6) Rework the banner, using writing which is 'engraved' into the banner creating a more attractive and relaxed looking site. ...read more.

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