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Excel - Analyse

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Analyse Description of Hardware Here is a table that contains the hardware that I will need to create my system, and the hardware that will enable it to be used: Hardware Device To be used for... Type of Device Bad Points (disadvantages) Good Points (advantages) Final Choice Printer This will be used to print out daily, weekly, monthly, and annual reports Laser Printer * The price of the printer itself is very high * The "refill" is also expensive for this type of printer (toner) * Long Lifespan * Its prints lot faster then standard printers. * Also prints in colour I am going to use a Laser Printer because of several reasons, the main points being that is fast at printing and the running charges are low, although the printer itself is expensive, its lifespan is long, so its makes it efficient. Ink Jet * When the paper has been printed on, it becomes soggy and tends to crumple. * The ink is not fast drying, so it can smudge easily. * Printing times are much slower then a laser printer. * The quality is much greater then a laser printer. ...read more.


Excel also has multimedia, and media tools, this means you can change the colour, font, style, etc to personalize the spreadsheet. Information Requirements In this section I am going to comment on all the information I am going to need, why I need it, and where I can possibly get it from, I have set the information out in a table to make it easier to read and understand... Information Needed Where I can get it from How I could get it Where the user can get it from How the user could get it What calculations will be done with the information On screen or on paper & when? Head of Year (for each student) I can get the data from the registers Ask the head of school for the permission to have access to the registers. The user will be able to view this data by asking their form tutors, for the help. By looking at notice boards and asking their form tutors. N/A This data will be available to view on paper and screen, but only an "administrator" will be able to access the data. Year Group of the student. ...read more.


There are some things such as profit schemes, these will be viewable on the screen in a graph format, but a printed copy can be available, so it can be analyzed else where. Also reports and other information may be needed to be printed out on a regular basis, so a printer is required. Backup & Security Methods To keep my information safe I will make several backup copies, because it is very important, and one copy is not sufficient enough as it may be lost, stolen or damaged. The overall project will be too large for floppy discs, so this is not an ideal medium storage device. I am going to make copies on to a cd-r using a cd-writer. There are going to be back up copies on cd-r and on my hard disc drive at home and school, and even my pen drive. Burning the data on to a cd-r depends on the speed of the writer as they vary in speed from 1x to 52x speeds. It should only take five minutes (max) because the project will be around 30MB as there is going to be media and many sheets per Excel file. Once the information is updated I will make regular copies on to a cd rw disc so it can be updated regularly. ?? ?? ?? ?? Jay Patel 1/6 ...read more.

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