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Excel Project (Identify+Analyse)

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Identify Problem: Create a computerised spreadsheet using Microsoft Excel (a quiz) for a school because in the school they have to make the quiz hand written, and lose it many times and there are too many papers. So to, solve this problem I will create a computerised spreadsheet. Objectives: * To have multiple spreadsheets to have different functions * Contains formulae to carry out the calculations on data and update related cell values * Need a look up function, in order to link between spreadsheets. * Make it user friendly so it easy to navigate and clear to understand * Include a logo * Make spreadsheet password-protected fro security purposes * To be able to create graphs based on the scores * Use freeze panes to facilitate scrolling down records, clearly * Have conditional formatting to react to the changes in the value in the spreadsheet * Data Validation to format cells for your data-type (string, currency) ...read more.


The teacher might need to take some classes in order to fully understand how the spreadsheet works, and how to fill in the questions and answers. Alternative solutions: I could have just used paper, a database or just another manufactures software like Microsoft Excel. But I decided to use Microsoft Excel because a spreadsheet will do calculations with a great degree of accuracy. A spreadsheet takes up less room than a filing cabinet. A spreadsheet can automatically generate graphs. However, The disadvantage of computerised systems are that they require training to use and to produce, they rely on electricity and there are security concerns about systems on networks (people can "hack" them). I didn't use paper because it would take too long, and have many loose papers. ...read more.


Input: It is the data that goes in and how. For example, I will input data for the quiz on Microsoft Excel. Some of it goes in by user formulae in cells, headers type etc. Some of input will be by cells by result of updated formulae (calculations) Output: It is the Screen for showing us what is happening on computer. Saving your work is also an output. Print outs of spreadsheets is also an output. Process: It is a formulae carrying out calculations and updating value of cells. Validate: To validate means for computer software to check that the data being input is sensible. An example is validating cells in correct type. Verify: Verification is the process of checking that input data is correct. It is normally carried out by a human who visually compares the data with the source document. To check spreadsheet, is an example of verification. Also user feedback is verification. ...read more.

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