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Excel Spreadsheet project

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Evaluation The Excel Spreadsheet project I am making is to make a practical and sufficient way of calculating the calorie expenditure and calorie consuming and working how much weight can be lost over a time space. I chose to use Excel Spreadsheet instead of the other solutions because it had many appealing qualities some of the qualities were: - Neater - Quicker to use - Easier to use - Can be saved on disk - Helps customer to calculate caloric intake - Helps customer to calculate caloric expenditure - Cannot be damaged - Can be printed out if needed to. Before making the Excel Spreadsheet project I had created 10 quantitative objectives to help me create the Excel Spreadsheet and meet the user requirements. Here is a list of the user requirements and how I met the quantitative objectives. 10 Quantitative Objectives Here are the 10 Quantitative objectives that I will use in order to create the system. - Fat Fighters Logo on Spreadsheet - This wasn't very hard to do as I saved the picture onto a word document, and copied and pasted the image into the spreadsheet, ...read more.


- Should look professional - by the layout, color and images. I fulfilled this objective by taking out questionnaires when designing the layout of the spreadsheet and asking questions about what colors and images would be used and how to make the spreadsheet look professional. - Drop Down lists of exercises/activities and Foods should be sorted alphabetically - The drop down list of exercises/activities and Foods sorted alphabetically was a hard thing to do as I did not have the information to sort it out in an automatic way so I had to type them out manually, although this was time consuming the objective was met successfully. - Should be easily changeable - This was not a hard objective to meet as the information and formulas were easily changed. -Easy to use - instructions, or just being easily typed in and finding out the answer straight away. - Questionnaires were asked to find out if the spreadsheet was easy to use. The questionnaire results were positive meaning that the objective was met. ...read more.


To make the spreadsheet a success I would add more images onto each spreadsheet page, e.g. on the calculator pages, which would improve the quality of the spreadsheet by making it more interesting therefore helping to meet one of my objectives. I would have designed the layouts on what they had ended up to be in the first place, this was because I thought it looked better and this would have saved time and made me have more time to work on something else to do with spreadsheet, and I would have had more time to improve it. I would have also used more verification and validation formulas to decrease the chances of error. I would have also used less Word art as it was an unpopular choice, I would have maybe chosen a different type of Word art which was more popular with the user/customers. In order to find out what was popular I could have made a questionnaire using a sample of Word Art types and ask which ones were their favourites. ...read more.

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