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Explore the advantages and disadvantages of designing a poster for the Big M cinema and explore what hardware and software that is used to create the poster.

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Coursework I have decided to explore the advantages and disadvantages of designing a poster for the Big M cinema and explore what hardware and software that is used to create the poster. The hardware that is needed for producing a poster is: * A monitor, which is used to display all the work that has been processed into the computer. * A keyboard, which is used to type in the information to create and edit the poster. * A mouse, which is used to change objects and their positions. * A printer, which is used to print out the final poster so that, can be displayed. * A scanner, which you can use to scan pictures and photographs i.e. the cinema. * A digital camera, which can be used to take pictures to be added to the poster. * The tower, which is where the information is gathered and memorised and is the power and operator of the whole computer. The software that is needed for designing a poster is: * Microsoft publisher, so that you can have an outline and document with the best features such as: clip art and word art. * Scanner software, so that you are able to scan the picture to include it onto the poster. ...read more.


* You only visit the website in you would like, its not like a poster which has been put up and when you walk past it you see it with out without your choice because you don't know what going to be there. * It publicises the cinema to make people aware. * It provides information such as the location, what film its showing and how to get there. * The web page shows the good points about the cinema. * The web page portrays an image of the cinema. * It advertises the facilities available. * It advertises why the public should go to that certain cinema. * It shows the public what the cinema looks like. * It is quick and easy to access. * You can book over the Internet it is easier. * You can stay on the site for however long you like. * The web page will be worldwide and anybody will be able to access it. The disadvantages of creating a web page for the Big M cinema are: * You have to update ever so often so that you can keep the public happy and interested. * It costs money to keep the web page running and for the viewer to go onto the Internet. ...read more.


Leaflets I don't think they would be very useful. This is because leaflets could only be handed out to people in shopping centres or posted to people's houses but how many of those people actually read them? Usually, people have better things to do than read leaflets so they just throw them away. I know this is true because I have seen people do it and have also done it myself. Leaflets could give people a lot of information etc. but if the majority of people don't even read them, what is the point of wasting money to produce them? Leaflets may have been quite a good method of advertising in the past, but as times change, people change and to make a successful advertising method, the business must keep up to date with the changing patterns of the economy. Also you can't hand out a million leaflets because it takes too much effort and it's very expensive. My Conclusion I think a website is the best way of advertising a company because it is cheaper and a lot of people log onto the Internet. Also you can see the website whenever you wish instead of having to wait on the television, radio etc to see or hear the advertisement to come up. Also you can write as much information you want on the website without any extra cost so advertisements on the website are more detailed than compared to leaflets, posters etc. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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