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External Communication Media.

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Task 4 External Communication Media Fax Also known as facsimile machine this is a way of sending black and white printed material or images between two people or organisations. This is done by two telephone lines sending letters and forms and important papers like documents that need signing. This is a reliable way of transmitting information from one place to another because it will be instantly received and if need be sent off again. Fax can be circulated to different people from all over the world. Example The school was doing a foreign school exchange with a school in France and needed to send off a confirmation of the students that were going and if they needed a place to stay. The school would send it off to the school in France; they would get it and copy it then give it to those who are involved. ...read more.


Advantages * They provide two-way communication * Problems can be sorted out quickly Disadvantages * There is no written record of the conversation * When using mobile phones, it is sometimes difficult to get a signal or the signal fails. Video Conferencing Video conferencing is when through a television link people can see and talk to each other automatically. Meetings can be held and it is really convenient for people who live faraway, as this can sometimes be hard for them to attend using the video link will be a much simpler way. It is also money wise as in cost of travel and accommodation the meeting is for more that one day. Example Lessons can be held via video conferencing. This can make it easier for the teacher who might live far away and also it can give the students that kind of feel of less pressure. ...read more.


These can be conformations or papers that need to be filled out. Survey are also part of forms and documents. Example The Yr11's applying for sixth form places. They would have to fill out an application form, giving all their details and everything that is needed. Internet The internet is obtained via computer and dial up link. You can obtain information and also put information on it. It is a worldwide way of communicating and also checking things from all over the world. The internet also holds E-mail. Example Students in the school can go on the internet to get information for their research. This would also mean they could print it out and keep it for future reference Maria Ogunyale Business and Communication Coursework 11b2/c Mrs Fitzjohn Maria Ogunyale Business and Communication Coursework 11b2/c Mrs Fitzjohn ...read more.

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