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Fast-Food and Takeaway Names

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Fast-Food and Takeaway Names Aim: To investigate the linguistic patterns used in names for Fast Food Shops and Takeaways. Data: Wok This Way - Chinese Takeaway Pizza the Action - Pizza Restaurant The Frying Scotsman - Fish & Chip Shop Battersea Cods Home - Fish & Chip Shop Cake it Away - Cake Store Wokpool - Chinese Restaurant Pizza Hut - Pizza Restaurant Pizza Parlour - Pizza Takeaway The Codfather - Fish & Chip shop Thyme to Eat - Restaurant China China - Chinese Takeaway Sugar & Spice - Takeaway Abra-kebab-ra - kebab shop The Hard Wok Caf� - Chinese Takeaway Sam'n'ella's - Caf� Mr India - Indian Takeaway A Salt and Battered - Fish & Chip Shop Master Chef - Restaurant The Saucy Plaice - Fish & Chip Shop The Chippie - Fish & Chip Shop Bombay Balti - Indian Restaurant Taste of India - Indian Takeaway Fishcoteque - Fish & Chip Shop Beau Thai - Thai Restaurant A Taste of China - Chinese Takeaway Curry in a Hurry - Curry Takeaway Bitz 'n' Pizza - Pizza Restaurant The Taj Mahal Tandoori Restaurant - Takeaway Tasty Chick Inn - Chicken Takeaway Burger Off ...read more.


This makes the names sound much more fun and once again memorable. Lexis: The language used is generally informal, being short and simple, e.g. "Pizza Hut". This is very suited for the use in naming simple food places such as fast-food restaurants. The names used reflect the needs of their target-audiences; who want a fast-food restaurant to be simple, fast, cheap, easy, etc, and bringing simple and informal naming into play reflects just that. This would hopefully entice the target audience into the store and then therefore to purchase something; making a successful business. The words that have been made use of also reflect the stores in which they are naming: "Taste of India", "Abra-kebab-ra", etc. This also helps to make it obvious to the fact of what the shop actually is, so that it is easily recognizable to the target audience who are looking for a store of that kind, also once again reflecting the simple, straight-to-the-point fun of a store of that genre (what the target audience are looking for). Repetition has also been made use of, e.g. "China China"; this makes the name more memorable and noticeable to passers by and visiters. ...read more.


This is because the target audiences of this genre don't tend to look for anything more, as that is what this genre of store is viewed as being like. I think that the names used in my data are very well chosen, reflecting the wants of the target audience and promoting themselves as a company, whilst fitting all that in a very short, simple, and fun name. Evaluation: I feel that given my resources and time-scale, this investigation has been quite fair and reflective. To improve it, a much more systematic approach to the data collection could have been used, as random sampling has room for a lot of errors, and could still be seen as bringing up unrepresentative results. The fact that the names used were also from my own culture make the data very unrepresentative, it reflects my own cultures view of this genre, and so maybe, looking at the names given to similar stores from different areas and cultures may bring up some differing forms and ways of naming. However, I feel that generally this has been a successful investigation. ?? ?? ?? ?? Amanda Carter M46 Ben - English Lang ...read more.

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