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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 2289

Features of a sports club database. The system has at least 1 table and 12 fields, meeting the requirement that had been set. There are also 3 other reports in this system related to the Injuries and unavailability Match Report and Player

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Implementation Uses and Evidences The system has at least 1 table and 12 fields, meeting the requirement that had been set. There are also 3 other reports in this system related to the "Injuries and unavailability" "Match Report" and "Player's Profile" . There are 9 different layout altogether. Scripts to create new record 1. Scripts to Delete the current record 2. Fields in Attribute & Stats are all checklist; values are ranging from 1-10 3. A 'Container' field that allow user to insert a photo of the player 4. A large of space that allow user to jot down any information about the player 5. Hyperlinks to other layout 6. Two 'Number' Fields - Validation that limit extreme and Erroneous data e.g. -1 7. two scripts that increase the value of 'Goal' and 'Assist' by one 8. Fields 'Availability' 'Preferred Feet' and 'Team' are textboxes with radio buttons. 9. 'Position' and 'Other Position' have radio checklist with 11 different positions to choose from 10. 'text' field with checklist 11. Fields such as 'Contact Number', 'Height' and 'Age' are all 'Number' fields. They all have validation 12. The Field 'Player ID' has the auto-enter function; the key field of this layout 13. Hyperlinks to switch between the Form View and the list View 14. ...read more.


Button to switch between the form view( match reports) and List View( the result overview) 4. Button to insert the current date 5. Buttons to navigate between next record and the previous record 6. a script to insert the same team as the previous record 7. Space for entering the match report 8. Hyperlinks to other layout 9. Fields contain information about the fixture , they are mostly textbox 10. hyperlink - home page Although it's easier to create new records for fixtures on the report "Result Overview", this table has much more in-depth details. Creating record and deleting record are very easy to do so as you only have to click on the action buttons. And since every field is an edit box (except "Win or Lose which is radio buttons) the user could change the information in Browse Mode. Scripts such as Insert "Current date" and "select player from last fixture" are added to help increase the efficiency when the user is creating a new form. A1 - Creating a new record and new data being entered A2 & A3 - Amending the data and deleting the record A4 - Example of one of the Validation 1. A script to insert the current date 2. A Link to the Print Setup 3. ...read more.


1. A simple instruction showing the user what they could do with the header 2. A button to switch between its form view which is the table Injuries and unavailability and the current report. 3. Hyperlinks to the other pages, making navigation easier for the user. 4. Fields for the that current record. 5. Header for the fields, clicking on the header would also sort the records according to the field, for example clicking on the field "name" would sort the record alphabetically 6. The fields "name" for the records, clicking on the record would take the user to the related record 7. a script to show all records ( after a search had been carry out by the user) 8. A script to "unsort" all the records after the user had been sorting the records This is a "related" report based on the table "Injuries and unavalibility". It only shows the essential records such as their name and their "condition". This is suppose to give list of Injuries, giving the coaches an idea of how many player are injured or unavailable, this report could also act as an index for the user. It is also easier to carry out searches and sorting records in an report rather than a table for obvious reason ...read more.

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