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Financial Management System for School Department.

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Financial Management System for School Department Background Chatham Grammar School For Boys is a school located in Medway, North Kent. The school has approximately 1000 students and 100 teaching and non-teaching staff. They're also several groups, which come from the community to use the schools facilities. The children's university is also one example where some fifty students use the school's ICT Facilities. In the ICT department, the staff consists of 2 full time teachers, 1 part time teacher, a network manager and a technician. The department receives two separate budgets. One budget is allocated for stationary and supplies of around �2000, which is allocated from the school. The other budget is allocated for the purchasing of hardware and software for the schools networks, which is around �20,000 - 30,000. This is allocated by the LEA. Each department within the school manages their own budget and are responsible for ensuring these funds are allocated accordingly. The current system consists of an order form created using Excel, but that is as far as the use of ICT goes. The order forms are printed of twice, one to be sent to the selected supplier and the other to be kept as a copy (the copy will have "COPY" written across it to make sure it is not sent by mistake). One of the most used resources within the school is paper. ...read more.


Some box in the order forms will be able to check other data such as stock level or current budget so that the user will be alerted to the budget after he has created the order. It will also be able to keep a list of running companies that may be used for future reference and may accelerate order time. The inputs to the system will be such data as addresses and names, which will all be entered into the system and may need to be stored for later reference. They will also be organised in type and format, to aid when selecting specific data. Where as the outputs will be based around the order forms. So this will encounter what has been ordered, who ordered it, how much for, and other information to do with the transaction. The inputs will be: * Suppliers Name * Suppliers Address * Suppliers Contact Numbers (telephone, fax, E-mail) * Item Name * Item description * Item Cost * Item Amount * Date of Order * Order Number * Payment Type Processes will involve the calculations from the order form such as the total price of the order. The processes will be calculated within the system so any alerts can be raised when the order form has been filled in. ...read more.


And easily retrievable if a copy is lost. The order form can be changed at any time and created from any designs and specifications to suit the user. So overall it will make it easier for the user. The user interface will be simplistic allowing the user to access any part of the system that they require but so only appropriate users of the system can enter. It will contain a username drop box so the appropriate username can be chosen quick and easy, and then the password can be entered at the logon screen. There will also be a help button and an exit button. The navigation around the system will just be command buttons and hyper links to keep it simple and so it will keep the whole system alike. The command buttons will allow a single click to get to their desired page and hyperlinks will do the same. They will be able to navigate through pages of the system, and maybe also to relevant web pages if needed. The security of the system will be quite thorough so there are different levels of access, as it will have to be safe from the opening page so only the correct users can get in the system. The pages will also be locked so the system wont be edited or used in a malicious way. Ashley Young ...read more.

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