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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 3866

Financial Model to help organise the year eleven prom

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Financial Model to help organise the year eleven prom Introduction Every year, the Chafford School has a school prom. This year however, the Prom committee has decided that that they want the cheapest and most efficient hall, catering, decorations and music (a D.J) from previous years. Nevertheless they have encountered numerous problems. Problems To find out more about problems, that the prom committee was suffering from. I decided to interrogate a member of the prom committee to find out problems that they were suffering from, so I then could begin to lighten their problems and further their achievement and arrival of the prom (Appendix A). * They would like to have a variety of choices, but unfortunately due to the low budget they haven't got a choice, and up to yet it looks like they are going to have to use last years hall * At the moment only one student has access to the information, which cause a problem when she is not in. Also other pupils only get to see the information when at meetings. The problem is, not enough members of the prom committee have access to the information, so they cannot further their research in their department of the prom. * Ticket prices haven't been decided yet, the reason for this is we haven't found out a price for the factors affecting the prom (hall, catering, decorations, and music). This is difficult because the sums are going to have to be repeated to find the cheapest possible combination of the most efficient places, and firms. * There are 10 people on the committee and for the time being there are 10 tasks. The committee carries out the tasks in pairs, which means at least 2 tasks for each person. The problem with this is that they could have more people on the committee that could help others with different tasks. ...read more.


The overall effect of this is intended to make the user's life a lot easier. As seen below, the actual design of the spreadsheet seems very eye-catching, but yet at the same time it doesn't give the user difficulties to see the writing etc. ` As you can see, certain bits of information boxes were coloured different in order to make the spreadsheet easier to understand, in this case where they actually had to enter details were white outlined boxes which stood out perfectly on a 20% blue background. Formulas I had to use certain formulas in order for the whole system to work, this included "sum", "if" and "vlookup" formulas. I found these to work pretty well, especially the "vlookup" within the "if" formula. This was used with the "in-house catering question as pictured below. I then found that unless you formatted cells, certain formulas wouldn't work. In this case it was with the profit, I found it very difficult to make it work properly until I pressed this then changed the cell into currency and the formula; "=K15-J6" Worked perfectly. This was very much the case with the working out at the bottom of the spreadsheet, all the cost cells had to be currency otherwise you wouldn't get the cost only a decimal as such. I didn't imagine that the formulas would be simple, but I did find that I really didn't have a lot of problems with it, obviously apart from the few mentioned. Nevertheless I needed to test the spreadsheet properly and carefully, so I then I could begin to see where certain aspects had to be changed. Excel has various formulas that I can use to find out certain answers. Such as the 'if' or 'and' formula. E.g. if (`#*`#)+#. ` Is a letter and # is a number. The values of ` and # make up a cell where information is recorded Implement After carefully looking through the spreadsheet, I found quite a few problems that wouldn't make the spreadsheet as successful as I would have preferred. ...read more.


A system that can predict ticket prices and the break-even point based on approximate numbers of pupils that are attending Enter data from research and see if calculations are done automatically by the program "excel". Data was entered and the ticket price was found - Evaluation After I had finished my testing, I needed to consider if the list of tasks to be done have been completed. So after I had seen what they were (see previous page) I then looked through the coursework to find if there was some inkling of them included. Fortunately all of them have been included in my spreadsheet except one! This was 'a ready made system that can give access to the proms committee anytime, but can secure pieces of work with passwords'. However a password protection on a spreadsheet is not easy to do and I really didn't have the time to accomplish that. In order for the system to be kept running properly. I'm going to make a user manual that has step by step guide on how to use the spreadsheet. This can be seen under user manual. The questions I would ask them would be so I could help improve the system further for future years User Manual This is a step by step guide to help the users operate the system for the prom. This is considered to be important because the system needs to be run properly in order to get accurate positive results. Step by step guide Step 1 When opening the system you arrive at a welcome screen and you arrive at a welcome screen. Then there is the option of going to the raw data screen or finding ticket prices. If you decide to go straight to finding ticket prices to step 3. Step 2-raw Data Here you have the choice of seeing data that is already available with all the efficient details needed or entering new data for anyone of the values. This includes venues, catering, decorations, and music. (Evaluation not complete! Items such as appendix, Output and user manual are still to be included) James Greenaway ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE ICT Systems and Application section.

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