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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 1706

For my project I am going to do a spreadsheet on a shop that sells things like CD's, dvd's and video games.

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GCSE Coursework for <<Tim Vague >> Project Title: <<Spreadsheet Project>> Black writing is the headings that you must use for your write up. Red writing is here to advise you and so can be deleted if you are certain that you have fulfilled the requirement. 1) Identify 1a) Background to the problem and end user For my project I am going to do a spreadsheet on a shop that sells things like CD's, dvd's and video games. I will use the spreadsheet to keep track of what the shop buys and sells and what sort of profit they make. The shop is an online shop so I may have to do things like sort out the deliveries of the items to people's homes. The shop is losing track of all their money, like how much they are spending and the profit they are making. This is why I am doing this spreadsheet. One sheet will be on what the shop spends their money on and what they buy and stuff, another sheet will be what they sell these items for and the profit they are making. I might have to store addresses for the deliveries and match the addresses with the membership number, this is for the deliveries of the items. ...read more.


It will be the cell number of the amount the item was sold for, minus the cell number of the amount the item was bought for and then equals. This will calculate the profit per item. Total profit - I will do the same as above but instead, in the cell which will have the total profit in, it will have a different formula in. It will have all the cell numbers of the profit per item added together and then equals. This will calculate the total profit made. 2e) Forms of output The data that is going to be output by the program is : Profit per Item Total Profit Stock left over Tax on each item Total Tax 2f) Back-up strategy There are quite a few ways to back up our work and data. These include : Floppy Disk - 1.44 Mb Zip Disk - 100/200 Mb CD-RW - 650-720 Mb DVD-ROM - 2-3 GB Tape 2g) Security strategy To keep the data safe I will need to set-up a password system, which has a back up system, and can only be accessed by certain users who the password will be given to. 2h) Need for updates The system would need to be updated weekly probably. ...read more.


sequence of development * Go through work and annotate by underlining and explaining any errors or problems * If your work has changed since your final design explain why you had to change it Printout of any further developments you did (and may have even failed at) - need to be annotated Final printout of system 4b) Evidence of testing (and correcting) of system Annotate testing to show how the expected and actual results compare. Provide proof where possible by using screen shots Even if your corrections don't work, make sure that you provide evidence of you trying to correct them and the problems/error messages that you encountered. 5) Evaluate 5a) Original objectives I think I met all of my objectives. I kept track of the financial details of my shop. I kept track of how much money I have spent, how much I have received and the profit made. I have calculated how many items were sold. I have stored members and regular customer's addresses. 5b) User feedback on system See Questionnaire 5c) Further improvements Respond to the comments made by your end user - whether you disagree or agree with them. If you have disagreed with the comments made by your end user then you also need to find at least a couple of improvements that would make your system better. Page 1 ...read more.

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