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For my project I will be designing a new database for a mail order company called SPANK MY MONKEY Skateboards (TM) selling skateboards and skateboard accessories.

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Analysis Introduction: For my project I will be designing a new database for a mail order company called SPANK MY MONKEY Skateboards (tm) selling skateboards and skateboard accessories. Mr. Pearce the company director has asked me to design and make a new computerised database system to replace their old paper based system. My database will deal with stock control, budget and customer details in an incorporated package. At present their system consists of many pieces of paper in a file cabinet, in a kind of box card format. The problems with this system are: * New records that are made take ages to create; * Records that need to be changed or updated take a long time; * It is hard to know if you have a particular item in stock; * It is quite unreliable due to human error and customers sometimes get the wrong items; * Records get lost; * Records get misfiled. User Requirements: Mr. Pearce has requested that the system I design will have: * Details of customers; * Details of past sales; * Details of the current stock; * Current cost value of stock; * Weekly and daily printouts of stock and stock value overviews; * A function that notifies him of ...read more.


Also there are about 100 products that are sold through this company. All this information will need to be copied onto the new system so will need to take a copy of the customer and stock details from the company. Hardware and Software: Mr. Pearce has just bought some new PC's especially to run this new system, he has 5 new PC's all with a specification of: Hardware: * Pentium II processor at 450MHz * 64 MB of RAM * 12GB Hard Drive * TNT2 Graphics Card * 52x Speed CD-ROM Drive * 3.5" Floppy Disc Drive * Logitech Wheel Mouse * Hot Keys Keyboard * Ethernet Card 10/100 Software: * Microsoft Office 97' for Businesses, includes; - Word - Excel - Access - Outlook Express - Internet Explorer * Microsoft Windows 98 Second Edition Also these computers will have to be networked so that if someone on one computer has a order for a product and it's the last of that item and another person tries to order the same product. As the computers are networked then it will update the tables and the other person will not be able to order that item. ...read more.


the users preference and to reduce the chance of error * It should be simple and easy to use and do advanced functions even for the most basic user, and just to make life easier for the advanced user * It should be impossible to accidentally delete important formulae etc. * It should fit on a floppy disc of 1.44 MB. The Current System: At the moment there audit and budget system is quite basic, some of the information that has been inserted is incorrect due to human error, some the information is quite hard to understand and it's not very fast or easy to find something. The advantages of putting it together into one easy database system: * This will greatly improve the speed of the system e.g. when your searching through a wad of paper for one particular bit of data it may take a few minutes. If this information was inputted in my spreadsheet it may take only a few seconds to find that data, this makes the new system a lot easier to use. * Moving towards a computer-based system greatly decreases the chance of a spelling error or mistake in the data and therefore improves the efficiency. 28 April, 2007 Steven Bell 1/3 ...read more.

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