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For this Unit I have had to prepare a report on the impact of ICT in society. In order to do this I had to prepare a report on the impact of ICT in the work place. The following represents my findings and comments.

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BUDMOUTH TECHNOLOGY COLLEGE INFORMATION COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY GNVQ ICT - UNIT 12 IMPACT OF ICT ON SOCIETY By Tom Bill INTRODUCTION For this Unit I have had to prepare a report on the impact of ICT in society. In order to do this I had to prepare a report on the impact of ICT in the work place. The following represents my findings and comments. THE IMPACT OF ICT IN SOCIETY Society has moved over years from an Agrarian society, through an Industrialised society to an Information society. Society has become better informed. Almost every job now requires you to be computer literate. ICT is a growth industry and is developing new and powerful technologies everyday. It is such a powerful tool that no business can afford to ignore it. It is now becoming a compulsive part of education too. The "Dot Com" millionaire is becoming more and more common, and whole businesses can be located completely in cyber space. ...read more.


skills required and number of staff needed * Security of work due to changing contractual arrangements between employers and employees * Reduced social interaction at work, but increased interaction with family and neighbours * Changes in amounts and timing of leisure time * The stress caused by the fast changing pace of ICT developments THE IMPACT OF THE INTRODUCTION OF ROBOTICS ON PRODUCTION * The speed of the Production Process Totally Automated Production lines whipping out thousand of massed produced products a day * The cost of the production Process Fewer mistakes (human Errors), less waste and more efficient use of materials and less staff to be paid * The safety of Workers No more heavy lifting, everything can be remotely operated from a safe distance. * The quality of the final product The products can be tested as they are being made this means fewer returns and refunds from unhappy custumers THE IMPACT OF THE INTERNET AND DIGITAL TELEVISION ON SOCIETY * The range of information available Thousands of channels on digital ...read more.


This includes: * Changes in transportation needs, for example just-in-time (JIT) ordering systems * Use of scarce resources, for example lower wastage through more accurate prediction of needs * Increased pollution and better control of pollution ICT LEGISLATION * Data Protection Act (1998): This is the protection of people original data and material on the Internet you can find out the UK legislation for this at this website: http://www.rhs-law.co.uk/dpa/files/overview/overview.htm Also Included at this website is the Health and Safety at Work Act (1974), Copyright, Designs and Patents Act (1988), Health and Safety Regulations (1992). THE FUTURE USE OF ICT Explore possible developments in ICT, for example will all consumers shop from home in the future, will ALL teachers be redundant because we will have Virtual Reality Classrooms etc etc. CONCLUSION Here you sum up all that you have written, you could give a personal opinion as to the advantages of progress in ICT and perhaps mention some of the disadvantages. EVALUATION Here you say how well you feel you planned for this Unit, how you might have improved it, what you may have done differently etc. 1 ...read more.

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