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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 8789

Full Course howard health centre

Extracts from this document...


Contents for howard health centre website Introduction and analysis 2 Hardware Report 6 Using software 9 Data Input 13 Systems Output 17 Design 21 Time plan 22 Initial design 23 Final design 25 User guide 26 Testing 35 Implementation 37 Benefits and drawbacks to the new website 38 The ICT effects of the internet and new communication methods on society 41 Evaluation 42 Introduction and analysis Introduction Howard Health Centre is a new general health centre located in upper street. Howard health centre is a centre which has combined four successful health related practises a dental surgery, doctor surgery, an opticians and a baby clinic. Problems Howard health centre is a newly established centre which needs to be advertised through out the country. The health centre is experiencing some problems advertising their new centre which they aim to solve by using a new approach of advertising. They are now planning to use a new website which will allow patients to identify the advantages of the new centre. This will also allow easy access to booking appointments, general information etc. They have already tried alternative methods to promote their centre. They have used basic advertising methods; they handed out leaflets which had unsuccessful effects on the customer. This lead to wastage of paper and increase in costs. Information about bookings was not successful accurate and efficient which lead to a great amount of confusion. Microsoft publisher: This program is a very simple and easy program which helped to create an easy and simple to navigate website. This program would not be time consuming and financially stable as it is included in the Microsoft office package. This package is ideal for small businesses with a low budget. Adobe Photoshop: This program had many features which assisted in creating the website. It was the perfect program for manipulating and editing images and animation. This program has many tools and features so the user is able to create exciting images. ...read more.


This type of inputting data would not suit the needs of howard health centre. Even if voice recognition became much more accurate it would not become and option due to long amounts of training required and the need for quick access to data. I didn't use voice recognition training because I have not applied the training to my computer this would have taken a considerable amount of time. Also the keyboard is a quicker input device, when the user is trained properly. Scanner This is a very fast and useful input device. It works like a digital camera takes a digital image of the information on the flatbed it then sends this to the computer where it is output onto the monitor so the data is at the disposal of the user. Also scanners can't input text very well there is software called OCR (Optical Character Recognition) this helps the scanner input text although it is still not very accurate. A scanner is very useful for transferring written documents onto to computer where they can be manipulated and edited. The scanner becomes very useful when transferring drawings and paintings onto a computer as they can not be created by a computer. A scanner will input data much faster than a keyboard but it is useless if you have to create the data by yourself. Also you must know how to use the scanner or many mistakes can be made, this can become very costly. I didn't use the scanner in the project because there are much more useful ways of inputting data and it was unnecessary for the project. During this project I have identified that the best way of inputting data is though a keyboard as it is the fastest and most accurate way inputting data. Although it may take a long time to enter the data if you are not trained properly, it is very easy to spot when you make mistakes and also using the spell check tool on Microsoft office. ...read more.


A big worry is that a big system like howard health centre could always fail due to a power cut, this would cause many problems unless they could have an alternative way of working as a back up plan for example all data could be backed up onto a hard drive and laptops could be used in the mean time. All of these drawbacks cost businesses money and time which would lead to the business not fulfilling its full potential. Another drawback for the website is that Howard health centre will need to employ staff to oversee the running of the website. For example they will have to employ staff to update and improve the website; this costs money which could be spent in other areas of the health centre. Also if the website is not designed properly the customers will look else where for health assistance that is why they need to employ someone to accompany the target markets needs which will improve sales. Conclusion: There are many benefits and drawbacks to ICT and the new website but the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks. Also there are many solutions for these drawbacks. Overall the centers productivity would increase because of the effects of ICT. Also technology is becoming better, so some of the drawbacks will be vanished as long as howard health keeps up to date with technology. But there would be some unemployment if the technology was continuously used because technology would replace some people's jobs. The drawback to the website initially it will cost a lot of money to create and run but in the long howard health centre will see the benefits from an increase in patients and interest. To finally conclude the website is a very good attribute to howard health centre and its staff. The ICT effects of the internet and new communication methods on society Evaluation ?? ?? ?? ?? 13 Candidate name: Ryan Crilly Exam no: 3040 Centre number: 10340 ...read more.

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