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Functional areas and Communication.

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Functional areas and Communication Human resources Human resources are in charge of matters to do with their employees. They are in control of the recruitment process, which includes organising interviews, staff training etc. Dismissal of employees is also controlled by Human resources. Human resources have to provide satisfactory working conditions for the employees. They have to control the health and safety of the workers. When someone gets a job in the business, Human resources have to sort out his/her training. They have to control promoting the company. Human resources have to deal with employee organisations and trade unions. The human resources department at sainsburys are in control of the training process when they employ someone. Likewise with Wight Mountain. Finance The finance department are in control of setting and paying the wages of its staff. The finance department have to pay the costs of running the business. This includes, the rent of the buildings the business own, the light and heating in them. They have to pay for all the advertising the company does, on the radio, television, Internet and in newspapers. The finance department have to pay for the products that the business purchases from the manufacturers (such as Nike, Adidas, Sony and Wilson). The finance department at sainsburys deal with all the Jamie Oliver adverts on TV. ...read more.


E.g. Sainsburys human resources talking to the finance department about wage limits for new employees. Internal + External Communication outside of the business as a whole An example of communication outside of the business as a whole is human resources department putting adverts in the newspapers for new employees. Communicating with agencies for possible temporary personnel. Communicating with schools about possible apprentiships. Another example is the finance department talking to the bank about outstanding loans etc. Oral Communication Oral communication (the spoken word) can be by several methods: 1) A telephone conversation placing an order with a business. This happens with Sainsburys. 2) Telephone conferencing, allowing several people to hold a conversation without needing to travel to a meeting. 3) Meetings, a common form of oral communication; for example a meeting of the board of directors of a large company or a meeting of two sales representatives to decide how to deal with a difficult customer. Sainsburys have a lot of these between most of the functional areas. E.g. the finance department have meetings to discuss new services and products. Video Communication Video Communication relies on information technology. It is of particular value to businesses whose employees do not work near to each other. Techniques such as video conferencing and video links on the Internet allow people to speak together, and seeing one another improves the quality of communication. ...read more.


They do not need video conferencing and other expensive things, all they need is oral communication over the phone and written communication over the internet. How does communication and functional interaction helps both of my companies achieve their aims and objectives? At sainsburys, communication and function interaction helps them achieve their aims and objectives as the functional areas have the ideas for new products and services like the Nectar Card. The customer service department are in control of the new services to help customers, which is one of their aims. Sainsburys are constantly trying to climb to the top of the market ahead of Tesco who over took them in 1995. They are also trying to stay clear of ASDA who are following them closely in third. Good communication and functional interaction will help them do that. At Wight Mountain they are trying to expand their services. To do this their customer service must come up with a good idea to try and attract customers. Wight Mountain are always trying to make their customers happy with their purchases. They can do this by treating like they matter to the company like what Sainsburys do. They also want to be known as one of the best bike shops in England. To do this their functional areas will need to communicate and interact with each other to bring in new ideas. Also the finance department will have to concentrate on buying a higher quality range of bikes. ...read more.

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