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Future of E-commerce

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Future of E-commerce E-commerce has seemed to be growing and improving steadily as proven by the recent past. E-commerce has proven itself as a major tool of sale and is predicted to continue on in the near future. At the same time, rivalry of e-commerce services will intensify their developments which will popularise future trends on e-commerce - growth of Internet sales and evolution. Number of e-commerce deals will rise extremely every passing year. Sales of online stores will be more than comparable with those traditional stores and this will go on as a lot of people are now really busy at work and household duties. ...read more.


An e-commerce site itself will not guarantee anything thus e-store owners should make sure to use appropriate solutions including thorough knowledge about e-marketing and advertising to secure their business online. As more and more products and services becomes available online, customers will have more options on where to purchase from, and what to purchase including items that are not available in traditional stores. And as long as people likes purchasing good online, participating in auctions, and looking at advertisements, people who host this websites and offers services is sure that they are going to make money through e-commerce business. As for customers, aside from the convenience e-commerce brings such as being able to shop online any where at any time, finding the ...read more.


This can also cause people's eye to blur and become hazy as they spend so much time at the computer screens, which in long time can cause illness such as head aches and migraines. Browsing around the Internet, socialising and shopping online are not bad thing, although people should balance their time in the real world and the virtual world. They need to be stay in touch with people around them personally as well as care for their health, and be aware of what online addiction could cause such as breakdown of friendships, etc. ?? ?? ?? ?? Unit 34 - E-Commerce BTEC National Diploma for ICT Practitioners (Y1) ...read more.

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Response to the question

In summary, the report discusses the potential of eCommerce websites from the business point of view and the consumer's point of view. This is in-depth and shows extensive understanding. However the report doesn't link any of this knowledge with any ...

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Response to the question

In summary, the report discusses the potential of eCommerce websites from the business point of view and the consumer's point of view. This is in-depth and shows extensive understanding. However the report doesn't link any of this knowledge with any real case studies. The report clearly states a number of potential features which eCommerce websites will use in the near future. In addition the report mentions how consumer's potential to purchase products/services on-line will increase, and this report is balanced and in-depth. These points, do link back to the main title of how eCommerce websites will change in the future and any potential area's which may be adapted within the UK market.

Level of analysis

The report states that eCommerce websites rivalry will 'intensify', however the student hasn't mention the reasons behind this, which is needed for an distinction/A*. The report clearly shows that the student has understanding of eCommerce websites, however the report doesn't list any examples or case studies where the method is being used. For example the student could place a case study, where it states 'but should also pay attention to simple details such as eye-catching layouts and user friendliness of their websites'. The report could show websites which are of good layout and implemented the above suggestion.

Quality of writing

Some of the sentences doesn't make sense (Such as, 'Number of e-commerce deals will rise extremely every passing year', and when reading though it's quite clear that the student hasn't re-read their answer to check if the writing makes sense. This needs to be re-written in some small area's. The student has mention technical terms such as 'Traditional Stores', although for higher marks the student would need to explain what this means and describe a real example of a traditional store. The report could state that an traditional store is within the high-street and an example may be HMV.

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Reviewed by danielbeal 19/02/2012

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