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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 1358

GCSE Applied ICT Coursework

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GCSE APPLIED ICT COURSEWORK SLIDE 1: Home Page * Business * Working Styles And Employment Opportunities * Personal Communication * Community Activities * Special Needs SLIDE 2: Business � Online Shopping � Online Banking � Call Centers and enquiries � Advertising and Marketing SLIDE 3: On Line Shopping Online shopping is becoming more and more popular. It is used by many large companies like Sainsbury's etc. Unlike normal supermarkets, online shopping is available 24/7. Even though there are many advantages for online shopping, there are also many disadvantages such as the fact that you can't tell the quality of the products. Also many people do not like to give out their personal details to companies online. SLIDE 4: Online Banking Online banking sites are available all the time and they generally confirm transactions faster than ATM machines. A lot of people prefer online banking to normal banking because it is possible for them to manage several accounts from one secure site. Others, however, find it a nuisance because it may take a long time to register and some online banking sites are quite hard to use. Also people don't like the fact that sometimes you have to re-enter your account details to enter the account. ...read more.


In some cases though, it is quite hard to find someone to train them without having to pay so much for it. SLIDE 11: How people interact at work ICT has produces technology like mobile phones and pagers to help people interact at work. Using a mobile phone you can phone and text. Nowadays there is something called blackberry which is a portable device from which you can e-mail. However all these devices use rechargeable batteries so there may be times when it is not charged, therefore not able to be used. SLIDE 12: Personal Communication � The Internet � E-mail � Mobile phones � Entertainment and Leisure SLIDE 13: The Internet The internet is very helpful. It contains information on everything you want to know about. There are many search engines on the internet which makes it easier to find what you are looking for. Sometimes, though the information you are looking for is not easy to find. SLIDE 14: E-mail E-mail, also known as electronic mail is a very good way of communicating on the internet. Also you can attach files and photos and send them to people. Some people abuse this way of communication by sending around viruses. Other big companies send around bulk mail which they can now be prosecuted for. ...read more.


Planes use it more than cars. There are many different types of satellite navigation systems. The most well-known is 'Global Positioning System' also known as (GPS). The disadvantage, of course is that these systems are not very cheap. SLIDE 22: Special Needs � Poor vision � Hearing difficulties � Learning Difficulties SLIDE 23: Poor Vision For people who have poor vision, ICT has made it possible to make fonts on the internet etc larger. Also ICT has had an affect on the equipment used by opticians. It has helped them update it. The problem is that all this equipment costs a lot and some small companies can't afford it. SLIDE 24: Hearing Difficulties Equipment used for helping people with hearing difficulties have also been affected by ICT. Nowadays, there are is a new type of phone made especially for deaf people. It is connected with a web cam so they can use sign language to people across the world. As with optician equipment, hear care test equipment is also very expensive. SLIDE 25: Learning Difficulties ICT has helped people with learning difficulties greatly. For example, schools put PC's in the classroom and show the students pictures and examples from the internet when they are needed. Also many teachers make slideshows to teach their pupils. However, there are always things you have to do the old fashioned way. For example, teaching in a classroom using a whiteboard although nowadays interactive whiteboards are mostly used. ...read more.

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