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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 3678

GCSE Calculator Project

Extracts from this document...


Calculator Project By Mitesh Patel 11A Contents Identify 4 Introduction 4 The User 4 The problems 5 Alternative solutions 5 Alternative solutions 6 Why is the ICT solution the ideal solution? 7 A list of OBJECTIVES for the project 8 Analysis 9 Hardware 9 Software 9 Inputs 10 Processing 10 Data Processing 10 Plus function = 10 Minus function = 10 Divide function = 10 Multiply function = 10 Outputs 11 Backup strategy 11 Data flow Diagrams 13 Security 15 Design 17 Initial Design 17 User comments 18 Planned Components 20 Test Plan 21 Tasks to complete for my calculator 23 * Implement 24 Screen shots of completed calculator 24 Testing 25 Clear Testing 26 When I pressed this button, it changed the mode between advanced along with simple. It worked as you can see below. 27 Inserting a number 33 Annotated Code 33 Annotated Code 34 Viewing the properties, naming the objects and changing the display caption 34 Viewing the properties, naming the objects and changing the display caption 35 Adding functionality to the buttons 36 Evaluation 38 Evaluation 39 User Feedback & Possible Improvements 39 Evaluation of objectives 40 Identify Introduction LPBS: Langley Park Boys School is secondary in Beckenham. There are 2500 students in this secondary school. This school has a mixed 6th form of about 500 out of the 2500 students. LPBS has 100 teachers and about 30n support staff. LPBS also is a computing specialist school, because it is a computing specialist school, it holds special classes for the community. LPBS are introducing computing classes for silver surfers. The User The silver surfers are people over 50 who want to learn how to use the computer at Langley Park for Boys School, we are designing a specialist calculator to cater to their needs, these are the small buttons this is because some are visually impaired the colours and the small display. ...read more.


In regard of all of this positive feedback, there is a few things which need to be improved on you're calculator. Firstly there is the number buttons, they are quite hard to read because both the colour of the button and the number on the button are quite similar in the shade. Sometimes when I look back on the calculations I have done, I have trouble reading the operations I have asked the calculator to process since the size of the number is small. Thank you Jamie Wood Response to user feedback In response to the feed back the following adjustments. Code Calcticker.visible= true This is to show the ticker Calcticker.visible= false _This Is to hide the ticker Planned Components Object Purpose Code when Clicked Number To Insert a number. Numb1 = Numb1 & "1", Numb1 = Numb1 & "2" etc. Operation To perform an operation. Numb1 = Numb1 - (2 * Numb1)(plus minus code) Memory plus To add a number to the number saved in the memory. MEMORY = Val(MEMORY) Memory minus To minus a number to the number saved in the memory. MEMORY = MEMORY - Numb1 Memory recall To recall the number from the number saved in the memory. Numb1 = MEMORY Memory save This saves the number in to the calculator's memory. MEMORY = Numb1 Memory clear This clears the memory from the number memory. MEMORY = 0 Plus To add a number to another number. Operation = "Plus" Numb2 = Numb1 Numb1 = Null minus To minus a number from another. number Operation = "Minus" Numb2 = Numb1 Numb1 = Null Test Plan Name of Test Method of Testing Expected Result Arithmetical Functions Calculate a simple equation eg. 1 + 1 Display = 2 Number Key Pad Enter 1234567890 Display = 1234567890 Equal Button Input numbers and see if operations window returns the correct answer after pressing = It should work Clear Clear last number inputted in operations box Screen =clear Memory Key Pad Store, retrieve, save, clear all data stored in memory It should be saved memory text box. ...read more.


I had made this my third objective. I have tested this myself and when opening up my calculator it opens as big as it can corresponding to the size of the window. I have met this objective. This was an important point as not many people know how to zoom in, by doing this will ensure that even the people who don't know how to use Microsoft access can use this without any hassle. As you become older it is harder for you to keep steady hand coordination. This is why I have understood that I must ensure that the button size and the spread of the buttons around the form were precise. I have spread the buttons so it easier for the user to click on the one they want to calculate with. I have met these objectives. For the users who don't know what some of the button functions do, they can now know. I have installed a help feature that displays what the buttons does in large font on the help text box. The skills that I have learnt during this project are: - How to program things with VB - Taking the project through the project life cycle - Working to deadlines I enjoyed learning about how to program a calculator, using VB programming as it is a new skill that I have learnt and it allows me to write code to instruct the computer to do tasks. I also found the programming the hardest part as it was all brand new to me and required me to concentrate very hard in order to stop it getting errors. If I were to do this project again I would try to plan my time better. I found that I met all of my practical deadlines but found it more difficult to meet my write up deadlines. In my next project I will make sure that I do not fall behind in the write up. BY MITESH PATEL CANDIDATE NO. 14255 CENTRE NO.5154 ?? ?? ?? ?? Mitesh Patel 11A ICT 1 ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE ICT Systems and Application section.

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