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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 2540

GCSE Coursework

Extracts from this document...


GCSE ICT- Spreadsheet Coursework Hemang Udani 11C Contents PAGE 3 - Section 1:- Identify PAGE 4 - Section 1:- Identify/Section 2:- Analyse PAGE 5 - Section 2:- Analyse PAGE 6 - Section 2:- Analyse PAGE 7 - Section 2:- Analyse PAGE 8 - Section 2:- Analyse/Section 3:- Design PAGE 9 - Section 3:- Design PAGE 10 - Section 3:- Design PAGE 11 - Section 3:- Design PAGE 12 - Section 3:- Design PAGE 13 - Section 3:- Design PAGE 14 - Section 4:- Implement PAGE 15 - Section 4:- Implement PAGE 16 - Section 4:- Implement PAGE 17 - Section 4:- Implement PAGE 18 - Section 5:- Evaluation PAGE 19 - PAGE 20 - Section 1: Identify Introduction For my ICT GCSE Coursework I will be creating a spreadsheet that helps my parents calculate their finances to show them how much money their spending, what their spending it on and how much they have left etc. They need this information because they want to buy a new car and they need to know how much money they have saved up in a certain amount of time, an Excel Spreadsheet will give them the information they need. The problem There are many problems some of which include loosing track of your financial status, finding out that you are over spending etc. So by creating this Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, it will help my end users by letting them know exactly how much money they have left and how much they have spent so they ...read more.


The text will be for the Headings, Subheadings etc. The Numbers will be used as Currency, Quantity etc, calcuations done in the spreadsheet will also be displayed in Numbers. The spreadsheet will create graphs for the data to be easy to understand. Graphs will also be made for comparison, many diffenet graphs will be created for comparision to be made eaiser eg Line Graphs, Bar Charts. The data will be backed up in several ways , the user can have a hard copy (Print out) and file it somewhere safe. The data is going to saved onto the computers hard drive but the problem with this is that if the computer is infected with a virus, all the data in the Hard Drive will be wiped out. So just incase this does happen, the data will be saved externally onto CD-ROMs, Flash Disks, Floopy Disks. To demonstrate how good Microsoft Excel is, I will help a mother of two children both aged 13 and 12. She needed help in keeping track of how much money she gave them, so by using Excel this is how it could be done. This only shows one of the functions of a formula but there are far more options than this that Excel provides. Excel allows you to use formulas that will: add, subtract, divide and multiply. Outside of formulas Excel allows you to create things such as drop down bars, graphs, spinners and macros. ...read more.


7) Run a spell check to validate all letter data is spelt correctly. 8) Save spreadsheet as 'PARENTS SAVINGS AFTER ENDS OF MONTHS' And then Close Microsoft excel. Task 3 Objective: To create graphs for spreadsheets 'PARENTS FINANCES' and 'PARENTS SAVINGS AFTER ENDS OF MONTHS' SUBTASKS Explain the procedures and steps you will undertake to complete the task 1) Open up saved spreadsheets PARENTS FINANCES 2005 and PARENTS SAVINGS AFTER ENDS OF MONTHS 2) First highlight all data in PARENTS FINANCES 2005 and then click on chart wizard. 3) Select graph type and preview graph to see if it looks ok. 4) Go through the setup; enter chart title, category X axis category Y axis etc. Place chart as a new sheet. 5) Save the graph. 6) Do all the same for PARENTS SAVINGS AFTER ENDS OF MONTHS. 7) Go through the setup and place the chart as a new sheet. 8) Save the graph. Test No. Purpose of test Test data Excepted result Actual result 1 To check that all the data is in the right place and that all spellings are correct Written data. All data should be in the right place. Will find a couple of spelling mistakes. 2 To test all formulas in both spreadsheets first by making sure that all formulas are in their correct places and secondly by checking all calculations done by the formula. formulas Computers do not make mistakes hence all calculations will be guaranteed to be correct if only the formulas are correct and are in the right place. 3 4 5 Section 4: Implementation ?? ?? ?? ?? Hemang Udani 10B 1 ...read more.

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