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GCSE ICT Coursework Booklet

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2 0 0 6 "MUSIC SHOP" SOUND ADVICE Contents Contents 2 Situation - P1 3 Problem - P1 4 Brief - P1 4 Analysis+Research-P1+P12 5 The Shop Layout: 5 Dis/Advantages of using ICT - P1 6 Dis/Advantages of using ICT - P1 7 ADVANTAGES: 7 DISADVANTAGES: 7 User requirements - P2 8 Diagram of information flow - P2 9 Specification - P2 9 Specification - P2 10 System requirements - P3 11 Hardware 11 Input devices 11 Output devices 12 Software Required 13 Training Required 14 Diagram of system links - P3 15 Social, moral + cultural issues - P7 16 Social Issues 16 Moral Issues 17 Cultural Issues 18 Identification of task subsystems - P4 19 Examples of work completed in the main applications 20 Microsoft Word 20 Microsoft Excel 21 Microsoft PowerPoint 22 Microsoft Access 23 Situation 25 Problem 25 Brief, Analysis and Research 26 1. For the DATABASE 26 2. For the SPREADSHEET 30 3. For the WEBSITE 35 4. For the Advertisement 40 Time Management Table 43 Database 45 Spreadsheet 47 Spreadsheet 48 Website 52 Mail Merged Letters 56 Advertisement 59 Supporting Work/Communications 60 Evaluation tests - TPT3 + P11 62 Negative Results 62 Effectiveness report - TPT3 + P6 + P11 63 Note Play- TPT Work Produced 64 Database 64 Correspondence 64 Spreadsheet 64 Website 64 Independent working 65 Planning 65 Additional information 65 Situation - P1 The shop is situated in West Street in the prosperous city of Chichester. The shop is situated next to Costa Coffee and Waterston's book shop. It is a busy city on the south coast. Two music shops already exist in Chichester, HMV and MVC. The name of the shop is Sound Advice(tm). It is a small independent business. The shop is small and has little colour on the front. The sign is printed in white on to a black background. The layout of the shop is simple yet effective with three aisles in the centre of the store. ...read more.


4. Create charts for quick visual analysis. Microsoft PowerPoint Website 1. Import Sound Advice logo for each web page to keep the overall look the same. 2. Select general colour scheme and design to increase visual appeal and uniformity. 3. Create necessary buttons to make the site easy to navigate. 4. Create hyperlinks between different pages to make navigation possible. Microsoft Access Customer details database 1. Create a table using Design View and select the fields for recording all the required customer details. 2. Create an easy-to-use form using the Access Wizard for entering customer details. 3. Create a customer interests table using Design View. 4. Create a Relationship to cross-reference customers and interests. 5. Design a Query using the Wizard, and run the query to find out which customers have specific interests in a certain product type. Examples of work completed in the main applications Microsoft Word 200 innocent people die as troops open fire on crowds by Sam Taylor, St. Petersburg correspondent St. Petersburg is a city in shock. It is nearly two months since Sunday 22nd January when the soldiers of the Imperial Guard opened fire on a crowd of 150,000 demonstrators, including women and children, outside Tsar Nicolas II's Winter Palace, killing 40 people. And the bloodshed didn't end there, as clashes continued throughout the day. The final death toll has been estimated at about 200 people. A wedge seems to have been driven between the tsar, once known as the Father of the Nation, and the people. The leader of the demonstrators, Father Georgi Gapon, has written "We no longer have a tsar. Today a river of blood divides him from the Russian people." Background to the Massacre Things have been going wrong in Russia for some time. One of the main problems has been the disastrous war with Japan, which has seen humiliating military defeats, the worst being the destruction of the Russian fleet in the naval battle in the Gulf of Tsushima. ...read more.


The mistakes were found and the buttons were hyperlinked to the correct page numbers. 8. The test proved that the mail merge function failed due to incorrect fields being inserted. The mistakes were found and the correct fields were inserted and the mail merge functioned correctly. Effectiveness report - TPT3 + P6 + P11 Specification Point Application Task Rating Comments 1 MS Word Mail merge letter Word was more than adequate for creating a letter in a simple style with the Note Play logo and the shop's uniform font for the mail merge letter. 2 MS Publisher Advertisement Creating the advertisement in Publisher was effective as the result was eye-catching. Whilst a package such as Quark might have introduced more complex images and colouring, it would involve more investment in staff training and might not be worthwhile. 3 MS Excel Financial Control The Excel sheet was easy to set up and the Summary sheet which included weekly round-up statistics and charts made it simple for staff to gain a quick overview of the state of the business. 4 MS Powerpoint Website The overall look of the website was good, but to produce a more professional Java-enabled website with it would have been better to use MS Frontpage or Dreamweaver. 5 MS Access Customer Details The Access database met all the requirements for storing customer contact details and their interests. It also fulfilled all the criteria for providing data for the mail merge. 6 MS Word/Paint Design Store Logo The logo design was basic and perhaps not very eye-catching or memorable to customers. It might have been better to use a package such as Quark to make a more sophisticated and colourful logo. Rating Key: = Poor = Average = Good Note Play- TPT Work Produced Database In my TPT I created a database using Microsoft Access to store the contact details and interests of customers that had registered on the website or purchased items in the shop. Access was also chosen because it can be used in conjunction with Microsoft Word for sending out letters using the mail merge function. ...read more.

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