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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 4891

GCSE ICT Coursework Write-up

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GCSE ICT Coursework Write-up Matthew Dodd 9M Introduction There were a few practical tasks that linked in to make up the whole project. The main tasks were firstly to design a logo to go onto a wage slip for employees. Then, the spreadsheet of the employee's wages was to be done which was then to be mail merged to the actual payslip which would have the logo also on it. The payslip would have to show the employee's name, position, salary, tax and national insurance number, and show the amount of money that they would receive. Hardware Hardware are physical items that The hardware items that I used are; a keyboard, which is an input device, an optical mouse, which is also an input device and a 15" CRT monitor which is an output device. The keyboard is used to input information into software (see software section for definition), which is very useful as it is quick and easy to use. There are some disadvantages though, as by pressing a wrong key, the wrong information could be inputted. Also a key may stick and use up time and not properly function. The keyboard can also be used to use different functions of software by using keys such as "tab", "alt" or "F1-12". Alternatively other than using a keyboard I could've used a microphone and spoken in the words. The optical mouse is used to make windows easier to use and to make parts of software easier and quicker to use. This is better than a ball mouse as the ball mice need cleaning otherwise they become less responsive and worse at their job. The disadvantage of using a mouse is that it is possible to click on the wrong thing, and record some information in the incorrect place. Instead of using a mouse, I could've just used a keyboard, as it can perform many of the same functions as a mouse, though by using a mouse it quickened my work. ...read more.


Finally, all of the payslips are neatly presented and are not needed to be written out as all of the information that is needed is instantly transferred from the excel spreadsheet to the payslips without error. I think that my system of having a spreadsheet with all the raw data being mail merged with the payslip document is a good one as it enables the health centre to have all of the raw data which can be edited which is set out and clear in a spreadsheet, while having the payslips automatically updating when the spreadsheet is edited meaning that there is a neat form also to give to employees which will always be correct (as long as the correct information is inserted into the spreadsheet). Another way this could've been done would have been just to type out all of the payslips straight into the payslip document. My method would improve this though, since the data wouldn't be so well laid out if it was needed to be changed and for example if National Insurance was to change whereas in my method where it would be automatically calculated, everyone's payslips would have to be individually worked out and altered, which would take far longer, being an advantage of people using it. Having said this though, some formulae may have to be altered if something changes and some are quite complex therefore the person using them must be able to understand Excel and be able to alter them so that everything is as it should be. If a health centre was to use my system, the people employed would have to know how to mail merge and how to use Excel and Word properly, as if they didn't know how to, if there was a problem they might not be able to amend it. Also they would have to be IT literate to be able to use the system to ensure they knew what they were doing all the time. ...read more.


ICT has made jobs easier though calculations being worked out in seconds and some jobs not needing humans any longer - for example telephone operators are sometimes computers. Also, ICT has made it possible to store vast amounts of information in databases and has made banking much easier and more organised. Though there are some negative factors concerning ICT for example online banking and online shopping, which was a good idea as it enabled people to access their bank account and shop from home, some people abuse the internet and illegally steal money. It also loses many jobs as computers are more competent in some cases than humans and for example before when before many people worked in industry in England, but now there is little manual industry due to computers. Having said this though, ICT has also brought many more jobs and has brought the world closer together and more advanced. Before ICT was around, many jobs were manual and hard working, with not much pay (as they could not work as effectively as computers) though now many of people's jobs involve in some way ICT and are less challenging and more rewarding I also believe that it has brought more order to the world as warfare before computers was bloodier and less was gained whereas nowadays with computers you are able to effectively fight and quickly end wars. ICT also helps scientific research as it can spot patterns and trends and can help research against diseases. It can also be used to help space travel to help scientific research. With computers also there is more media coming in than before computers enabling better effects in films and television, giving more entertainment, and games and games consoles are produced (which would be much harder to do without using ICT in manufacture) that also entertain the world. It is also much easier to travel as much of transport is computerised or involves the use of computers (for example in aeroplanes) bringing the world closer together and I think that ICT has taken the world far forward from what it was pre-ICT. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE ICT Systems and Application section.

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