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GCSE ICT UNIT 2 - Exchanging information - wifi, bluetooth and GPS

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Transfer-Encoding: chunked GCSE ICT UNIT 2 ( Exchanging information ) WIFI Wifi : communication technology that makes use of radio waves in order to connect to a local area network. Each wifi enabled device searches for a wifi base station nearby. Once it finds the network you need to type in the correct password to connect. Some networks aren?t password protected and your device will automatically connect. Access points = hotspots . The wifi base station usually is a network router / ADSL modem. The router is often connected directly to the internet on a standard ADSL telephone line . The max speed of a wireless network using 802.11g standard is 54mb/s but in reality they are often slower. A hard-wired gigabit network that can transmit 1000mb/s . Speed is mostly influenced by the strength of the radio signal ? the weaker it is the slower the speed. Usually wifi network have a range of 32m. Wifi has many uses including : maps , to complete homework , google questions , to send files , to talk to people , to print , to watch films/ videos and to listen to music . ...read more.


3g is a mobile communications standard that allows mobile phones and other electronic devices to access the internet wirelessly . 4G is a mobile communications standard to replace 3g , it provides wireless internet access at a much higher speed. Bluetooth Bluetooth is a short range wireless connection between devices that allows you to share files. It was developed so devices close to one another could exchange data. The range is around 10m. Bluetooth is called Bluetooth because of the 10th Century second king of Denmark , King Harald Bluetooth who was famous for uniting Scandinavia just like how Bluetooth is supposed to unite pc and cellular industries with a short-range wireless link. Bluetooth can be used to share videos, keep files in sync and music . A more common use is to pair the device with the Bluetooth system in the car , so you can accept calls through the car. This allows you to talk and keep your hands on the steering wheel . Bluetooth sends radio waves which are sent between devices. A Bluetooth product eg Watch will contain a tiny computer chip with a Bluetooth radio and software. ...read more.


GPS advantages : * Can be very accurate within 30cm with the right equipment * No need for a paper map * Is helpful for tourists to find places to visit * Can offer many routes such as the fastest or Scenic * Time is saved by not having to plan a route * There?s a ?home? button so you don?t need to workout the route on the way back * There?s many maps not just UK GPS disadvantages: * It can be difficult to set up a location * Sometimes it can lead you down unsuitable roads * May not recognize your location * Tall buildings / forests can block the signal * You need map skills just in case the GPS stops working * Storms and bad weather affect the accuracy * Maps need to be constantly updated. NASA is developing a GPS system that will be augmented and improved to satisfy future military and civil requirements for accuracy, coverage, availability, continuity, and integrity. GIS is used in Rwanda to help with healthcare. The digital maps are used to track and predict outbreaks of disease. They can help utilize the limited resources. For example; organizing clusters of disease and availability of drinking water. ...read more.

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