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gcse ict unit 2a

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Unit 2A - How Business's use ICT INTRODUCTION: In this report I will be investigating a company and telling you how and why they use ICT within their company. Also I will tell you how using ICT benefits them and helps them get around their business smoothly. The company that I will investigate is the supermarket mega store Asda. The location of the store in which I investigated is Park Royal in London and I went on the 9th and 11th of January 2007. I interviewed Mr Andrew Davies, Customer Relations Manager. History: Asda Stores Limited was founded by Laura Beth Murray as Associated Diaries and Farm Sores LTD in 1949 however it took much longer to decide on the formation of the name. Finally it was decided to use an abbreviation of ASquith and Dairies in 1965. The company went through a troubled period in the early 1990s, but was then revived under the leadership of Archie Norman, who later became a front bench Conservative MP. He was chairman of the company during the period 1996-99. ASDA, which then owned 229 stores, was purchased by Wal-Mart of the United States, on July 26, 1999. Since the takeover ASDA has continued to maintain its headquarters at the then newly opened "ASDA House". ASDA House was one of the first of the new large office blocks to open as part of the redevelopment of the huge area south of the River Aire from the city centre of Leeds, in the Holbeck district, West Yorkshire. Also, the mission statement for ASDA is General Information: The international supermarket mega store made its name by just being a supermarket, solely based on food. However, Asda has expanded and now they provide services for: * CD's * DVD's * Computer Games * Flowers * Furniture * Mobile Phones * Glasses * Flights * Credit Cards * Clothes * Car rental * Contact lenses * Satellite Navigation Systems * MP3 Players * Food This shows how big this supermarket has become and has undergone a transitional period and has now became a multi purpose cooperate business. ...read more.


This in turn benefits ASDA's sales departments because ASDA customers can rely and can trust ASDA to provide a good service for them. Barcode Reader: A barcode reader is used in ASDA's sales department to scan the barcode on the surface of products in the checkout to determine the price of the product and then the computer adds all the prices of the products together and calculates a total for the customer. The barcode reader is useful to ASDA's sales departments because it is quick and time efficient and the customers spend minimal time in the checkout queue. The impact of using the Software: Microsoft Word: The ASDA sales department uses Microsoft Word to produce documents, for example and if necessary send e-mails, memos, agendas and mail merge to benefit the department and to save time. ASDA also uses Microsoft Word to compile a financial report which needs to be produced every financial year. This financial report is produced by the companies accountants and makes sure that the annual incomes and expenses are all correct and so therefore the net profit is also. Companies only use Microsoft Word to make sure that the report looks professional and has no mistakes. Microsoft Excel: This software is vital to ASDA as you can use it to produce graphs and tables based on the finances of ASDA. For example, you can produce a graph on the increase of income over the past five years. This is important to ASDA as it literally gives them a picture of how there finances are going. Also, ASDA can produce charts on what products of theirs are selling well and which are not and so therefore which need to be advertised and priced lower if necessary to increase sales. Sage Sales Order Processing System: This computerized system handles sales, purchasing, stock control and accounts. Every time ASDA receives a order the details such as what product has been ordered, the quantity and the invoice number of the order. ...read more.


It is then inserted into the system. The impact of using the software: Computer Aided Design (CAD): These systems allow ASDA's production department to create designs on screen for many of their products. This piece of software lets users create 3-D models with features like volume, weight and centre of gravity. The image can be rotated and viewed from any angle. The advantages of using this piece of software are that images can be scaled and resized without distortion. Also the drawings are device-independent e.g. a drawing can be transferred to a different screen of a different resolution, yet with no distortion. The files which are created by the software are generally smaller than for equivalently sized bitmapped images. Lastly, some of the drawings can be made with an immaculate scale of accuracy. Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM): As we know ASDA produce some of their products from raw materials and this piece of software allows them to do so. This software works when the design is completed; the specifications are input directly into a program that controls the manufacturing of products. The advantages of using this software for ASDA's production department are that this system is very versatile and flexible. For example individual items can be manufactured to a customer's exact specification. Conclusion In conclusion, all departments use ICT and software's to help them get about their business and without it couldn't simply operate. Also, I have learnt that all the departments go hand in hand. For example, the finance department gives the purchasing department money and then the purchasing department buys raw materials, semi finished and finished goods and gives it to the production department who makes the products and then gives it to the sales department who obviously sell it for profit. So ICT is essential in all the departments to allow for the easy running of ASDA efficiently and quickly. Michael Walsh 10C ICT Coursework Unit 2A 1 Michael Walsh 10C ICT Coursework Unit 2A ...read more.

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