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gcse ict unit 2b

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Unit 2B - Organisation and ICT Hardware In ASDA's finance department, as I wrote about in unit 2A, a total of 30 computers are used to deal with business on a daily basis. The specifications of these computers are as follows: * 30 colour, high resolution and flat screen monitors. Used to display the information produced by the computer. patriotic * 30 ergonomic keyboards. To type in the information to the computer. * 30 IBM computer mice which all have infra red enabled wheels. Used to click and go where you want on the computer. * All computers in ASDA's finance department have a 1GB RAM and an 80GB hard drive to allow fast running of the computer and a lot of storage. * All the computers contain sound, graphics and network cards. This allows the computer to use the monitor to display virtually anything. * The computers have USB ports and CD ROM/DVD drives and CD RW drives. This allows transferring information form work to home in the form of a USB key. There is also a main file server which all the computers within the finance department have access to and can get some files from. This computers description is different to all the others and has a 5GB RAM and 200GB Hard drive. This is to allow easy and quick access for files and to fit an enormous amount of files. Other hardware peripherals used in the finance department are printers. There are 16 laser printers in the department meaning 1 printer for every 2 computers. ...read more.


Output Devices Monitors: The monitors which are used in ASDA's finance department are flat screen high resolution monitors. This makes the viewing of the screen very easy and you can see the screen without getting sore eyes. This is an output device because it shows the result of your typing and all the work that you have done. The quality of the monitors at ASDA's finance department is very high and they are 17'' in size. The reason why they are used is obvious - they display all the work that you have done and is essential to the efficient running of the computer. Speakers: This is an output device because it releases the sounds that the computers are making. The ASDA' finance department uses speakers whilst involved in videoconferencing. This allows the department to hold meetings with their staff despite the fact that they might not be at the office at the actual time of the meeting. The speakers are connected to the big screen in the meeting room so it is as is they are in an ordinary meeting. Printers: This is an output device as it gives you the work that you have done when you want to print it. There is a printer for every two computers in the finance department making a total of sixteen computers in ASDA's finance department. The printers in the finance department are fitted with both color ink and black and white ink. This is essential to the finance department as it allows the department to print of vital data from e-mails and documents. ...read more.


It is specially made to help the finance business do what they do. Dreamweaver: The ASDA finance department uses this piece of software to design a good website to advertise the finance department or just ASDA in general. The site includes opening times, news, online shopping, and history of the company and the mission statement of ASDA. The ASDA Finance Department Intranet: All the computers in the department have network cards and network software to allow them to access the sever and printers. Every worker in the finance department has their own passwords and this allows them to use all the software available from the main server and access all of their files from the finance department database. There are some 'common' files on the server and others which are password protected so that only the person with the password can access them. This also prevents staff members accidentally amending or deleting another person's work. Evaluation The objective of ASDA is to comprehensively be recognised as the best supermarket in the UK. ICT as a whole enables ASDA's finance department to achieve its objectives in the following way: 1. Computers allow the finance department to create forecasts which indicate how products are going to sell and how many. 2. The database system which the department uses is much more efficient and quicker than other databases which the finance department was using. 3. ASDA have much software including Sage Accounting Package which is specifically designed for the efficient running of the finance department. 4. The ASDA finance department has the finest ICT equipment for their employees which ensure the employees can do their job with all the help needed from the very best equipment. Michael Walsh 11C ICT Coursework Unit 2B 1 Michael Walsh 11C ICT Coursework Unit 2B ...read more.

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