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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 1666

GCSE ICT Word - Analyse

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GCSE ICT COURSEWORK-ANALYSE The Proposed System When I have finished the system and it has been fully tested, I visualise my client Mr Fielding using it in the following way: all of the template documents will be created and stored on the hard drive. When the owners want to open one of the documents they will open up a file which I call the homepage (there will be information there on how to use it), once this is opened (by clicking on the document) a dropdown menu will come down user will click on whatever template is required e.g. memo, invoice, letter. When user has opened the template they then can then insert the required information, save it and print it out. Once he/she has chosen his document the main menu will disappear. To re-launch the main menu he will have to click the main menu button on the toolbar and it will then immediately appear. To close it all they will have to do is press the cancel button on the bottom of the main menu. Hardware Requirements To run the system Mr. Fielding will need the following: A standard PC system with the minimum specification: * 2.8 GHz processor: run software at an appropriate speed * 1024 Mb RAM: to maintain a fast speed and good performance * 200 GB ...read more.


The data file of customers will have to be created and updated as appropriate. The letter template to inform members/non-members that their payments are due needs to be created. A database will be the source of data and will be attached using the mail merge tool. Flyer Information on, history of club, newly built conference facilities (corporate clients), details on club shop, special offers on membership details, 10% off coupon for membership and an application form. Includes photos of the above Stock list on database to fin data of prices of membership etc. The user will have to change the special offers, details of prices of membership and details on club shop on a regular basis Coupon can be created on another word document and embed in the flyer Processing Template Processes Main Menu - a user form Click Invoice button: opens the invoice template as new document Click flyer button: opens the flyer template as a new document Click letter button: opens the letter template as a new document Click memo button: opens the memo template as a new document Click memo button: close main menu The Invoice Once opened fill-in field prompt boxes will appear: first name, last name, address, town, county, postcode and tel no. ...read more.


The impact of the printers would create 2/3 copies at once (carbon copy) Data Flow Diagrams Key Payment due letter The Invoice The Memo Flyer/leaflet Security Requirements * The main file (home page and main menu) and all templates will be saved onto a CD R - for backup purposes * The system file and templates will be loaded onto Mr Fielding's PC * Any files created from the system will need to be saved onto a CD R/W each one will be saved on 2 CDs, one will be kept in Mr. Fielding's house and one will be kept in the hockey club. * Any changes to the system will require the main system file and templates being saved to a new CD R * Documents will be saved onto a CD once every working day. * A firewall will be loaded onto the computer so hackers and unauthorised people cannot hack into the computer. * A virus scan and a virus killer will need to be loaded onto the computer as other people may be using the computer and putting memory devices onto the computer (like a memory stick) and they may contain viruses, which could corrupt the computer. * Passwords should be on the computer and on all-important documents therefore only authorised users can use the computer. ?? ?? ?? ?? GCSE COURSEWORK Kiran 1 ...read more.

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