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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 4782

GCSE IT Coursework

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Coursework Section A: Introduction D & D newsagents are locally run newsagents situated in Sturry, It is run by Andy Farham. He recently took over the business from Colin Mills. The business is purely local and deals with many customers. The current system involves manual records of stock, revenue and expenditure, and employment records. D & D newsagent employs three shop workers, including the owner. And D & D also employs ten paper boys/girls. The records for wages is filed on a piece of paper, and often the paper goes missing and Andy Farham relies on the employees remember how much they are paid. The main problems of the paper filing system that he uses at the moment are that- * The system takes up more room than an IT based system * The paper filing system is unable to search for specific data as quickly as an IT based system. For instance if the user wanted to search for the age of the customer, to see if they are old enough to buy alcohol, then for a paper filing you would need to search through the entire filing cabinet, and then search the paper sheet for the data, whereas the IT system can simply search for the data that is required. * You cannot verify or validate the data that is entered, whereas I will be creating a database for this shop to make the business more efficient. In this database I will use * Stock Levels i.e. How many of product "X" is left * Income, how much the business is making * Expenditure, i.e. how much money is spent on things such as stock and staff wages. * Records of paper delivery customers, i.e. Address', names, payment records etc * Staff Details, address, name etc * Magazine subscription records * Details of Regular Customers, what products they buy. The reason that I will design a database is that it will improve the efficiency of the business and the convenience. ...read more.


* They will need a barcode scanner as it is a shop that sells items with barcodes on them so it will save time because the staff won't need to remember all the prices of all the products on sale. * I also suggested a swipe card reader after asking them if they had many people asking to pay by credit card as it becomes inconvenient for the customer if they have any other form of payment. * For the specification of the computer, I will use an Intel Celeron 2.0Ghz processor, will use this because it is a good cheap processor, it will run any program, and will not need to be replaced soon. * I will use 128mb of R.A.M, this is because it is very cheap, and is enough memory to run Microsoft Office and Windows XP. * The hard drive will be 60 GB, this is because it will give lots of storage, enough to handle the operating system, and other software that they need. And have lots of space left over. * The operating system will be windows XP, this is because they will need a stable operating system, and XP is the most stable windows operating system. It also has better security than the other operating systems. And will be compatible with more programs. * I will put a DVD/CD combo drive, this so that they can back-up the data on the hard drive to CDs and DVDs, this will mean that they shouldn't lose any data * A keyboard to enter text, e.g. surname * Mouse to select items in the system forms, e.g. Drop down boxes for product selected. Section E (ii): Software My system will need to be able to search for customer and stock records; it should also be able to use validation checks and verification checks. Another feature the software needs is to be able to design front end forms to capture data, and the ability to create relationships between two databases. ...read more.


* It uses validation checks to check the data entered is within a sensible range. And if it can use verification checks to check that the data entered is the correct kind. * The security is improved, instead of data being held on sheets of paper in an accessible cabinet, the data can be stored and protected by passwords, so confidential data such as people's address. Since the information is kept in one place, it can be more secure. * The user now has the ability to modify the data held in the database, in case customers move or change details, if a customer changes their address, then it can be easily edited to update the data. I if were to make 3 improvements to my database I would password my database to improve the integrity, and because it can store information on customers that people apart from the user is not allowed to see, I would set a minimum length for the password to be, to improve the integrity of the database. I would link it to the internet to allow people to find out information on stock, and what information is held on them in the database, this means that the stock listing of the shop will be available on the internet, which will be useful for the customers, as they can see what they can buy without leaving the house, it also means that they can update the information held on them, i.e. if they move address, they can send an email to the owner of the shop, with the change of details. I would also include a keyboard with hotkeys to input data into drop down boxes, as this will decrease the time needed to enter lots of data. It would also prevent RSI, because the user is using the keyboard less, and doesn't need to press as many keys. ?? ?? ?? ?? Ryan Bebbington GCSE Coursework Page 1 ...read more.

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