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GCSE IT syllabus revision notes.

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GCSE SHORT COURSE - Higher Identify the parts of an ICT system and their functions Hardware, Input, process, output, backup storage, memory. Software : operating systems and application packages Central Processing Unit Keeping the software working Handling control signals, arithmetic operations, storing data Application packages : Word Processing Edit, cut and paste, formatting, spell check, mail merge Database Record structure, field, key field, file, sorting, Queries(AND, OR & NOT), reports Data coding, validation, verification Spreadsheets Cell, row, column, formulae, calculations, replication, cell format, graphs. Desktop Publishing Frames, fonts, text size, styles, import of text and graphics, resizing of graphics. ...read more.


Data capture form design, verification Validation techniques Range, data type, field length check, check digits Database Outputs Onscreen and printed reports Presenting information Target audiences, appropriate use of tables, diagrams, graphs. Use of appropriate language (formal, informal) and justify the chosen method Backup procedures Frequency (how often), quantity of data, (how much) compression, choice of media (what to use when) Algorithms (computer instructions to solve a problem) flowcharts ICT systems (coursework) Testing a system Document solution Need for ICT system designs to communicate with humans Choose appropriate software to create an ICT system (e.g. database, spreadsheet, DTP). Testing a system to see if it works and designing the testing procedures using extreme & invalid data Evaluate the solution (shortcomings and improvements). ...read more.


science experiments, weather forecasting, economic, virtual reality Safety, economic, variety of possible experiences/situations Differences between simulation and reality Networks Advantages Disadvantages LAN, WAN Access from any workstation, central storage, sharing of peripherals, control of users access rights. Cost of installation, reliance on servers, security issues, need for network manager. Communication methods (advantages and disadvantages) Post, telephone, fax, email, video conferencing Internet connection Key features Hardware (modem, router) Software (web-browser, email package) ISP Web-browser (storing links - favourites, bookmarks, shortcuts; history; navigation; cache - temp pages) Email (online/offline use, reply, forward, address book, mailing lists, attachments ?? ?? ?? ?? Name: TG: Revision list Page 1 S:\ICT\Key Stage 4\GCSE\REVISION LISTS FOR ALL EXAMS\GCSE ICT short course Higher topics 2007.doc ...read more.

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