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General Problems with Manual System

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General Problems with Manual System Slow Retrieval of Data - The information customers are stored in different parts of the site and take a long time to retrieve the data. In all it can take up to 30 minutes finding the relevant information on the person. ...read more.


Unproductive use of storage space - Paper takes up a massive amount of room in the site. If a computer system were bought the paper could all go and there would lots more free space which could be used for other purposes. Poor Data Storage - All the data is stored in filing cabinets. ...read more.


The file is stores in they filing cabinet. This could take a long time to get and there is a chance that the data may not be retrieved. Is the Business Making A Profit - Yes. Since the expansion in 1995 the company has recorded record profits. Although they want to streamline the trading process to keep the customer happy and this they hope will in turn boast profits. ...read more.

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