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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 4651

GMC is an organisation that distributes SUVs and Pickup trucks, This document discusses creating a new system for them.

Extracts from this document...


CONTENTS Page No THE PLAN 2 TASK COMPLETE? 2 BACKGROUND 3 PROPOSAL 3 WHAT THE USER SHOULD AND SHOULD NOT BE ABLE TO DO 5 USABILITY TESTING: 5 HOW IS A TEST CARRIED OUT? 6 TEST GOALS 6 MEASURABLE TARGETS: 6 THE SYSTEM IN DETAIL 7 INPUTS 8 PROCESS 8 OUTPUTS 9 THE SYSTEM DIAGRAM 10 THE SOFTWARE 10 USABILITY TESTING PLANNING 11 SYSTEM TESTING 14 SYSTEM TESTING EVALUATION 19 USER GUIDE 20 HOMEPAGE 20 MAIN PAGE 20 SONOMA PAGE 21 RECEIPT PAGE 21 PERSONAL DETAIL PAGE 22 FAQS: 22 THE MANAGEMENT USER GUIDE 23 The Plan TASK COMPLETE? Complete written analysis Yes No Research information on cars Yes No Design homepage. Must include appropriate macros and function. Yes No Design and complete the main page, include appropriate macros Yes No and functions. Design and complete filter screen, including macros and functions. Yes No Complete invoice screen. Yes No Carry out usability testing as stated in the analysis Yes No Evaluate usability testing and make changes Yes No Make final version of the system Yes No Complete user guide Yes No Evaluate the project Yes No Background GMC is an organisation that distributes SUVs and Pickup trucks. They sell Saloon, Estate and Sports cars. Their products range from minis to BMW X5's. Streetfame are competing with other major car distributors, and in order for them to be in the same league as other top companies, they require a more prolific customer interface. The part of the business that they required to be modelled on the PC is the customer interface. Having a customer interface in the showroom would prove that they are progressing with the advances in what developed technology allows them to do. A customer interface will allow the customer who visits Streetfame to have more control over how they browse the showroom, and how they filter their choices. It will allow the customer to use the computer system in the showroom so they can find a suitable car and see how much it is going to cost them, and also be able to print out an invoice with all the details. ...read more.


As I am assuming that the users (customers) will have no prior knowledge of how to use such a system, then this application is very useful as it is simple and straight forward to use. It will consist of drop down boxes to even simplify the use for the intended user. The System In Detail Majority of the data will already be stored in the system. The stored data will include: * Type of car (SUV or a Pickup)- the customer can pick from 4 different pictures, 2 of the pictures will be of SUV vehicles and 2 will be of Pickup trucks. This is a good validation method because it doesn't allow the user to click on an unknown source, and it eliminates the chances of a mistake being made. * Name of car (Sonoma, Envoy, Yukon and Sierra)- the validation method for this will be same as above. * The specification- this will be in a read only format, when the user places the cursor over the car model the spec will come up, this spec cannot b altered. * And the correct prices for each. - These prices will be protected so that the customers cannot change them. * The extras will be stored in. The user will have a drop down validated list of options from which they can choose. The user will have to make a choice from stored extras and the prices of each will also be stored this will reduce mistakes being made. INPUTS In the system the user is going to have a range of options from which they can choose. The options will be of extras, which they can change and add. They will have to make a selection from the drop down menu. The other type of input they will have will be on the personal details page, where they will be required to fill in details such as, name, DOB, postcode and the type of car they enquired about (this will be from a drop down menu, so the user has fixed choices). ...read more.


So in conclusion, the main feedback I got from the testing was that my system was not very flexible in the manner that it didn't allow the admin team to add and remove cars from the database. However, the aim before the design was that the system is very user friendly and it is full working, I have met my objectives on the system. User Guide Using this system should not be very complex. The intended users (customers) do not have to enter much detail and anything they have to enter can be done via a drop down menu or by clicking on a button. This user guide, however, should make using this system even more easier. Homepage This page consists of a button "Click Here To Enter". To enter the system click on the button. Main page This page consists of the car images. Sonoma Page These same settings and buttons will be used for all other models of the car. So the same instructions will apply. Follow same rules for all other models. Receipt page Personal Detail Page FAQS: 1. Why don't the macros work? When you opened the system did you click on enable macros? If not please do this. 2. Why can't I enter my name? This cell is restricted, it will only allow up to 15 characters. 3. Why can't I see the filter screen? The filter screen is only available to the management team; this part of the system is not available to the customers. 4. Why can't I have more options? The system is only designed to offer the extras that are available for a particular car, if this is not available then you will not be able to select it. The Management User Guide The user guide for the management is the same as the user guide for the customers. The only difference is that the management team will be able to access the filter screen. Below is how to use this part of the system: Page 1 of 23 ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE ICT Systems and Application section.

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