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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 3000

GNVQ intermediate ict unit 4

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GNVQ ICT Unit 4 Report Unit 4 Project proposal Jermaine Carthy Project Title Athletics Championship scoring system The purpose of this project is to meet the needs of the person I am going to talk identify below. My description of what the user needs: My user keeps the scores at an athletics championship. At this point of time the scores are kept on paper this can be a problem because the paper can be easily lost and damaged, it is difficult to make back up copies because of it been on paper. This also results in calculating manually, so this slow down the process and may result with inaccurate information. What I am going to do about this is replace this system with an electronic one where all the function/calculations will be taken place on a PC or a lap-top. This piece of hardware will need to be able to run excel 2000 or any other excel preferable a later version. Also it will need to have the capacity to save and back up these system files I create. Furthermore it will need a printer to print out graphs of the information that is created. There is a need to print out graphs because information is easier to comprehend and the graphic presentation will make a quick analysis easier for the coaches and the organisers of the championship. As the user might not have a lot of knowledge of ICT I will create a user guide to help them through the process of scoring using this system. The user is going to need a keyboard, monitor and a processing unit in addition to the storage devices. ...read more.


My prediction is that the final scores are going to change and it will be more competitive with all the teams and will have closer results. The screen dumb, of my spreadsheet before I changed the scores is shown below. If you look at the spreadsheet you can see that "South" won the championship. In the screen shot below you can see that the competition was much harder and that the results were much closer as I predicted. This was because I changed the "Points Grid" (shown on the table below) from 12, 9, 5, 1 to 5, 4, 3, and 2. How I ensured that my work was safe I have saved all my original files in my user area under Unit 4 folder in the schools network system (shown above). I saved my files on to my memory stick as my back up copy (shown above) How I created the interface First of all I renamed the three sheets in my workbook as Input, Interface and Graph. I then highlighted the whole Interface sheet by going in between the blank cell of A and 1 and went to Format- Cells- Patterns and chose a pale colour and clicked OK. Then I went to cell B2 and holding the mouse button down highlighted all the cells from B2 to F3. Next I went to the merge cells button (shown below) in the toolbar and clicked it. Merge cells button I then highlighted the same area and formatted it a different colour. In cell B4 I typed the words "Type the name of the event in the box above". ...read more.


Some new things I learnt were how to create a spreadsheet, as I had never done such a complicated one before. The hardest thing to do and understand was the teaching because we went through the project very quickly because we had to do it in a certain amount of time. The easiest thing was screen dumping, although it had to be re-formatted so that the screen dumps could be kept in the place I wanted it. The macros were a new thing for me and I had to have a few goes to make them work. Doing one macro meant I got the hang of it and the others were much easier. Testing the system was straightforward and I had understood most of the problems that occurred, as I was making the system and in the formal testing. At the end of it all worked out well. The good points of the spreadsheet are doing the formulas, I had trouble with the "MATCH" formula and had to insert it several times into the cells to make it work but the others worked fine. If I did this project again with more time, I would put a password on the file to protect it and may also use hidden files. I will then lock out the user from the formulas so they can't change them. Furthermore I would make it easier for the user to use the spreadsheet by producing a more illustrated/ simpler user manual. Other ideas I had would be to give a choice of graphs to the user and perhaps print out individual team scores from a new grid I would have created. ?? ?? ?? ?? Unit 4 By Jermaine Carthy/Ernest Bevin Collage ...read more.

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