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GSCE ICT Microsoft Excel Coursework

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GSCE ICT Microsoft Excel Coursework Statement of the problem Sensei Lee Griffin and sensei Mark Seat are the owners of the North London jikishin jiu jitsu association. They train some of the best jiu jitsu fighters in Britain and both Lee and Mark regularly enter competitions. They begin to teach the Japanese martial art to many young children and also to adults. Their training area is state of the art and the facilities are wonderful, one of questions that their students ask them is "where am I in the club rankings?" Currently sensei Lee and sensei Mark are not able to answers these questions, they simply do not have anyway of showing their fighters who is the best in the club. This is a problem because each club from the south east if England gets an opportunity to enter just one fighter into the biggest regional competition of the year, this competition is Southend. All of the fighters in the North London jiu jitsu club strive to be the best at the club so that they can enter south-end and hopefully bring the regional championship to their club. Sensei Lee currently has sent the same fighter for the past three years, some of the other in the club want a chance to enter Southend so they have suggested that a record of the fights that have taken place in the club are kept. ...read more.


Lee and Mark are also capable of using it on an intermediate level. This would make it easier for them to update the system when the table must be changed on a regular basis. Lee and Mark have already got Microsoft office installed on their computer in the club, this includes Microsoft excel installed on the computer and they would not have to buy any additional software. Microsoft Excel is the software that I will be using ad it does not cost anything extra since Lee and Mark already have it and our knowledge of how to use it is much better than Lotus 1-2-3. The hardware required will consist of a basic processor, monitor, mouse and keyboard. The system will be used by sensei Lee and sensei Mark only using the computer I their office. The monitor can swivel of that the fighter can see their positions in the league themselves. Data Required The data required to build this system will be the information from who has won and lost their bouts. These bouts will be watched by Mark or Lee and then the result recorded onto the spreadsheet. Data Collection The information, which will be the winner and the loser of the fights, can be seen on the clubs Computer which is in sensei Lee's office, sensei Lee or sensei Mark will have to be asked by the fighters to go and view the table. ...read more.


Initial Design An initial design for the system was drawn up as follows: The spreadsheet will calculate the points based on what the senseis enter, a win, loss or draw. The system will then sort the table of figures and the fighters positions will change accordingly. This operation will be done at a click of a button using a recorded macro assigned to it. User Feedback on Initial Designs Sensei Lee said that he liked the simplicity of the table, this he said would make it easy for either himself or Mark to use the system. Sensei Mark said that he would like to see some colour to make the column headings stand out from the names of the actual fighters. This change was easy and quick and the change was made within minutes. Final Design Implementation of table: * Inset formula, sum of win lose and draw to make the total fights fought. * Created a macro to automatically add up the points gained from won, lost and drawn fights. * The macro was created by going to tools-macro (named the macro) - went back to tools-macro- stop recording, then I created a text box and gave the macro a title, and finally I assigned the macro to the text box. ?? ?? ?? ?? Microsoft Excel GCSE Coursework Poetry 2005-06 Thomas Rutland ...read more.

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