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"Hands of Love Preschool"

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Identification: "Hands of Love Preschool" is a school for children ages 3-5. It is a Christian based preschool which has daily bible lessons and provides lunch for all the students. We also go on weekly field trips were the students can learn jobs of interest. "Hands of love" is located in Hamilton parish and it has just opened last year. Our costumers are parents who are looking for an educational and fun environment for their toddlers. The owner of the business is Sandy Greenwood. She asked has asked me to help her with making her information change from being stored manually and to being stored into a computer. The problem we encountered is that we are a new a company and nobody really know about us. We want to build a profile in the local community through a creative and attractive logo, and stationary. We carried out a large market survey and formed a database of potential customers that we need to get this information to. We have chosen five objectives to follow. ...read more.


clients in my database In order to complete the whole task I will need to use Microsoft Access to produce the mail merge since this contains all my clients/customers names and addresses. I will also need to use Microsoft word to create my letterhead and type up the letter I will be sending to my customers. To find pictures for my news letter I will look on the internet for websites from other pre-schools. I might also take pictures of other children myself to put in my news letter. A new skill that I am going to have to learn is how to take the names from a Microsoft Access database and put them in a mail merge so I can have one for each of my potential customers. For my hardware, I am going to have to use a digital camera in order to take pictures of children to put in my newsletter. I am also going to need a computer monitor to view my work before I print it. When I print my work I will most likely need a color printer since most of my work is in color. ...read more.


appears 4 Test mail merge Names of customers should appear after "dear" Names appear 5 Test slide show Slide show should work Slide show worked 6 Test logo in newsletter Logo should appear Logo appeared 7 Evaluation: The user objectives I have met are: o To raise profile through newsletters, logos, word of mouth, stationary and events, o To reach a large number of customers. o To inform the public about our services. o To find the most efficient way to reach potential customers. I think that I have met all of the objectives that I have listed above. I have produced a newsletter to inform parents about recent changes the staff have made for the school. I have also made an attractive appearance for their letter heads and business cards which will probably bring more attention from people who need a preschool for their child to attend. User comments You could have improved the project by changing the font from "Kirsten" which is pretty large to something smaller so we could fit in more words and information. Response I used the font "Kirsten" because I think that the font resembled a child handwriting. ...read more.

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