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Hardware 1. Input devices

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Hardware 1. Input devices The input devices that I used are a QWERTY keyboard and a mouse. Storage devices The storage device that I used was a hard drive. 2. Qwerty keyboard It is called a QWERTY keyboard because the top letters on the keyboards spell QWERTY the keyboard is a quite a slow input device when compared to the mouse. ...read more.


The alternative storage devices that I could use are benefits of the QWERTY keyboard are you can have it in a variety of languages and it is cheap. The drawback are the logout out is not alphabetical that's why it is hard to learn. Optical mouse The optical mousse benefit is that it does not need a mouse mat and that is long lasting the drawbacks are the led light can break and you can't clean the lens. ...read more.


4. The alternative storage device that I could of use used is a memory stick instead of a hard disk because it is portable it also is cheaper than the hard disk and it is portable. The alternative input devices that I could use are a fixed-keyboard split instead of a QWERTY keyboard because you can spread it out. The other alternative for the input device that I could of used is a wireless optical mouse instead of a normal optical mouse is because it is wireless. ...read more.

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