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Hardware analysis.

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There are a lot of different types of hardware's, a monitor, mouse, printer, the computer, and scanner and there are other types of hardware units and unit bases. One of the hardware units that I will be talking about is a keyboard and how it works. A keyboard has 6 pins that connect it to the computer. The most obvious device for getting information, also called data into a computer system is the keyboard. The most common way of entering data into a computer is through the keyboard. The keyboard is an input devise. The keyboard Is an input devise because .The layout of the letter on the keyboard is standard across many countries in the world use QWERTY keyboards. A QWERTY keyboard is a standard keyboard. Nowadays technology has advanced a lot and most people use wireless keyboards, which helps and makes it easier for the people to use. I think that using a wireless keyboard is more efficient and easy because the user is more able to move around and is free from the attached wire. ...read more.


The only thing that it makes better is the USB part of the lead. This is because sometimes the pins in the other mouse can sometimes bend or even break. People are sometimes impatience and try to insert the lead. The next thing that you know is that one of the leads is bent or broken. It can make life harder for the technician to try and fix it. There are different types of mice. There are all sorts of mice such as USB, or even 8 pin mice. The 8 pin mice mostly work on older computers. And the USB connector is mainly used on the newer computers nowadays. The disadvantage about an 8 pin mouse is that sometimes the pins can snap or even bend. These types of mice do work but are now an old model. A USB mouse would be more efficient. This is because computers nowadays use more USB ports. They don't take up much space on the computers and there is nothing to break, as for the 8 pin mice, one or more of the pins can snap. ...read more.


This connector is the most common connection device used to connect a monitor and the computer. USB memory sticks are a convenient way to transport large amounts of data around on a device you can fit in a pocket. USB memory sticks are: * Faster than floppy disks. * Smaller and are able to fit in a pocket. * They store much more data than a floppy disk. * They are more convenient than a CD-R or CD-RW for many purposes. * They require a USB socket on the computer to plug it in. So these are all the positive things about a USB memory stick. There are other type of storage devise ike a memory stick, but something more bigger and better is a hard drive. Hard drives are mechanical devices that are used by computers to hold information A hard drive is always used in a computer. And on this hard drive you can save a lot of data onto this hardware. ?? ?? ?? ?? Page 1 of 7Muhammad Talha Ghouri 11JH ...read more.

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