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Hardware and Software

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Hardware and Software I am going to look at Hardware and Software in Human Resources There are different types of hardware devices like: * Input devices like keyboards or mice * Output devices like printers or screens * Processing devices like cpu, modem and motherboard * Storage devices like the hard disk or USB stick * ports and cables to link everything together Hardware Input devices are devices like keyboard, Mouse, Scanner, Digital Camera, and Microphone. These devices allow the users to put information onto the computer. Mouse is a device that controls the movement of the arrow on a display screen. A mouse is a small object you can roll along a hard, flat surface. As you move the mouse, the arrow on the display screen moves in the same direction. Mice contain at least one button and sometimes as many as three, which have different functions depending on what program is running. The latest mice's include a scroll wheel for scrolling through long documents. ...read more.


tasks on separate screen Electronic signals sent by the main processing unit are received by this device and converted into sounds which the user can hear. It's used to listen to multimedia files for e.g. music. The quality of the sound comes out of it depends on the quality of the speakers. Electronic signals sent by the main processing unit are received by this device and converted into images/text produced on paper, fabric, etc. However different type of printer work in different way for e.g. laser printer it's like a photocopier but it gets its information from the computer. The Human recourse department use printer to print important work, form, details of a product and etc. The Human recourse set up three different types of printers for the departments use, Dot matrix printer, Ink jet printer and Laser printers. Processing hardware are things like Central Processing Unit, motherboard, modem and network card. This is a microchip often a Pentium or a Celeron processor. ...read more.


The ones in the picture are hidden by a flap at the front of the PC. Ports are of different types and are of different shapes and sizes. The Human Resources use the port cable to put in devices like the USB to take information home etc. Also the port cables are used to put in the mouse, and the keyboard. Software Human Resources use word document to produce agendas, minutes, reports, letters, and other document which helps them to do other work. They use email to communicate with new staffs and Internet Browser to search for new workers and etc. These software's are used by all department at Reuters not only by Human recourse department. In the Human Resources department Presentation software is used to create inductions programmes for new staffs. This makes it easy for the new staff to settle in. Human Resources have access to a special database called ORACLE this stores all their employees' details like name, next of kin, address, date of joining the company, position and salary. They also have software called SOFTSCAPE to carry out 'performance and management'. This contains data about each individual's performance in the company. Human Resources Conclusion 1 ...read more.

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