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Hardware Justification

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Hardware Justification Component Hardware Needed Operating System This is the system that the computer runs on and it is required of me to run MS Access 2003. Even though the latest operating system available is Windows Vista, I would recommend using Windows XP Professional because it is much more cost effective and does exactly what is required by MS Access 2003, allowing it to run as it should and as is required. My business plans on getting this system at as low costs as possible and by getting XP instead of Vista, it will reduce the costs. It costs; �428.99 including VAT and shipping from Dell: http://configure.euro.dell.com/dellstore/config.aspx?oc=d045001&c=uk&l=en&s=dhs&cs=ukdhs1&kc=segtopic~winxp_inspndt RAM (Random access memory) ...read more.


The hard drive which comes with the Dell computer contains 160GB which will be plenty for the company to store all of there important files. Monitor The monitor included in the sale of the Dell computer is a 17" flat screen monitor, this will be the perfect size for the staff at the company because they will have no problems reading off from it, the monitor displays information in colour also making it easily viewed and allowing people to appreciate the format and style of the new system. Keyboard and Mouse The keyboard and mouse included in the price of the Dell computer will be perfectly fine for the company to use as they are Dell's own brand; the mouse is responsive and has a laser movement feature as opposed to a roller ball which is less responsive. ...read more.


The very latest version of the software is 2007 but I think it would be more effective for the company to purchase the 2003 version as this is the version it will be created on. Also purchasing a earlier version will be more cost effective for the company, Access is included in the Microsoft Office Professional Software alongside word, publisher, excel etc. Processor The processor used by the Dell PC is; Intel(r) Celeron(r) 420 Processor (1.6GHz,800MHz,512k cache) which again will be plenty for the company to run the programs which they need as these programs do not take up so much space to store and run meaning that a faster processor wouldn't affect their operating speed too much. ?? ?? ?? ?? Eloise Whitehall Painsley Catholic College ...read more.

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