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Hardware Report

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Hardware Report For a computer to work there are two sections that enable us to use ICT the way we do, the hardware (title of this report) and the software (see my software report). Hardware is something that the individual can use and is the input and output devices controlled by the CPU (Central Processing Unit). Mouse, keyboard, scanners and joysticks are all examples of input devices - we tell the computer what to do with them. Printers, dot matrix and screens are all output devices - we get what we have been doing on the computer displayed to us or transferred onto a different type of media e.g. paper - this is the transition from a computerized system to paper based. A basic system looks like this: We can also look at the system like this: I am working on a Thintune Model WLV101; this is where I am based to do my work i.e. my workstation. This is then linked to an IBM server using Citrix Thin Client software that allows us as a school to send applications and the use of the internet to other locations on the campus. ...read more.


if the user can touch type because this is an extremely fast way of typing and saves the user looking at the keyboard and the screen. Name: Mouse Function: Input Description: The mouse is another most commonly used device, the other one being the keyboard. The most common mouse is now a laser mouse which has a tracking laser on the bottom, two buttons; left and right, and a scroll mechanism that is useful for scrolling up and down large documents. There is a cursor displayed on screen that enables the user to make a selection on screen, for example menu selection and icon selection to launch a programme. Using specific graphic design software a mouse can be used to create pictures on screen. How was the mouse used?: The mouse was used to open programmes, make menu selections, highlight text etc. The mouse is mainly used alongside the keyboard to perform different tasks e.g. compose a query within a database. Benefits: The mouse is an extremely basic piece of software, however, without it moving around the computer system would be extremely hard. ...read more.


This device is also a lot slower than a laser printer, noisier too. Listed above was all the hardware I have been using throughout this project. Compared to what is available on the high street the hardware I am using is rather basic - yet five years ago it was probably top of the range - an indication to how fast technology is moving. A new advancement by Intel lately is to use multiple core processors which means that the processor has more than one lane to process data down - Intel's Quad Core means that the processor has a staggering four lanes to process data down; increasing processing speeds immensely! Most CPU's support over 4GB of RAM, giving the user the efficiency whilst using the system because with such large RAM support it is possible for whole programmes to be brought into it - because the RAM is faster than the hard drive it means the user does not experience hangs or lock ups as much as when the processor relied on the hard drive completely. Hard drive sizes are now reaching in excess of 1TB (terabytes) on the home system which is 1000GB! This means that the user seems to have what is infinite amounts of space. Hardware Sub System ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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