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hardware reveiw

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Hardware review Hardware is the physical part of the computer which you can actually touch. Software on the other hand is the part of the computer that you cannot touch. There are many different examples of hardware within a computer system including * Keyboards * Printers * Scanners * Monitors * Disk drives * Computer towers When making my logo their where many different hardware that I used when making my logo. These include input, output and processing devises. The input device I used to make my logo was a keyboard. A keyboard is the main input devise attached to the computer. It allows you to enter text and numbers that will appear on the computer screen. A keyboard is made up of keys that are separate (as you can see in the picture below). These keys represent numbers and letter of the alphabet. ...read more.


Another input device I used when making my logo was a mouse. This is a hand operated devise that allows you to control the curser that appears on the screen. It also allows you to move things and to click on things on the computer screen. On the bottom of the mouse of most mousse is a ball that rolls when you move it. An image of two computer mouse's The advantages for using a mouse when making my logo are that it allows me to easily move images around on my logo. This will ensure that that my logo is exactly as I want it to be. Another advantage for using a mouse to make the logo is that the mouse is simple and easy to use. The disadvantages for using this type of mouse when making my logo is that it easily break when it falls on the floor. ...read more.


The disadvantages for using the laser printer o print of my logo are that it will be very expensive to buy a laser printer. Another output device I used when making my logo is the TFT monitor. TFT monitor is an output devise that displays signals on the computer screen. A TFT is a flat computer monitor, which gives high quality images on the screen and is modern. An image of a TFT monitor The advantages for using a TFT monitor is that it does not give of glare that CRT monitors do give off. This means that if I use this monitor for long periods of time it is less likely to hurt my eyes. Another advantage for using the TFT monitor when making my logo are that it will give off high quality images on the computer screen. This will make my logo look better. A disadvantage for using the TFT monitor when making my logo is that it is very expensive to buy a TFT monitor. ?? ?? ?? ?? ICT coursework By Muna Aden ...read more.

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