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Hardware & Software Requirements for Database

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Hardware and Software needed for the Whipps Cross Hospital Database In this section I am going to briefly explain what software I will be using to design my database for Whipps Cross Hospital and I will also be outlining the different hardware's requirements for the database. SOFTWARE: I will be using Microsoft Access to design and create my database. The reason why I am going to be using this software is because it has all the facilities to create a database and is the only software suited for my database, which makes it the best software that is available for me to use in school. This software also does not demand to mush from the hardware. But there is other alternative software's that I can use such as; Microsoft Excel, Sequel server and Delphi software which are also designed to create database. HARDWARE: There are many different systems requirements that are needed to effectively run Microsoft Access software and the database that I will design. --> Minimum hardware requirements for the database on Microsoft Access; Requirement Minimum Recommended CPU speed 750 MHz 1 GHz faster Memory (RAM) 512 MB - Windows XP Professional; 128 MB of RAM plus an additional 8 MB of RAM for Access 1 GB or higher (4 GM max) ...read more.


Is does not cost a lot to buy and is worth buying the costs usually varies from minimum �10 upwards- depending on the size of the memory. Whipps Cross Hospital can benefit from having a hard disk such as a USB, as the data they store can be stored in a reliable way in which it cannot get lost for a very long time. The amount of data that can be stored on a hard disk depends on the memory, the bigger the memory the more data can be stored. For one computer in Whipps Cross Hospital a 500 gigabits (GB) hard disk is needed or two, hard disk may be needed, which will sum to 200 pounds, according to the amount of data that the hospital is planning to store. HDD are not very expensive and are worth buying. Whipps cross hospital will benefit from hard disk drive by saving the data into internal drive so that the other computer logins can access the database easily. The benefit of this will be that they won't have to update the information on their computer by saving the data on their USB ports, when it will automatically be saved on all the computers and only consultants will be able to access this by logging themselves in. ...read more.


The term is usually used to refer to a separate, dedicated expansion card that is plugged into a slot on the computer's motherboard, as opposed to a graphics controller integrated into the motherboard chipset. Graphics card will allow everything and all the data that I produce for my database to be seen as a displayed image on the monitor, however the performance of the graphics card does not affect the way my database works as it only takes the information I put in to the computer as a process of input device and displays it for me as an image on the screen. On the other hand Whipps Cross Hospital is wanted to have a better graphics card component in their computers as they need to see the data they enter into the database by the help of graphic card. The better the graphics card, the better the image displayed on the monitors of Whipps Cross computers. The prices involved for this hardware component can vary in prices which can be very expensive but in my database I am only going to use it to display the data I put in, so a standard graphic card will be enough which varies from about �20 upwards and will not be very expensive for the Whipps Cross Hospital. ?? ?? ?? ?? Unit 2 Task C- Activity Sheet 2 Fizzi Hasib 10W ...read more.

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