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Health and Safety

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Health and Safety 1. Stress! - Some people can't keep up with technology and they feel that they might be made redundant as they are unable to learn new skills. Due to ICT systems (e.g. email, mobile, fax, internet) it can be hard to forget about work and relax Amount of information on a system can make worker's feel like they can't cope- 'Information Overload!' Workers can be monitored on ICT systems and the feeling that you're being watched can cause stress 2) Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) RSI is a general term for damage to fingers, wrist and other parts of the body due to repeated movements, resulting from overuse of a keyboard or a mouse. ...read more.


Buy a better, larger monitor. Make sure screens are tiltable. 4) Back Pain Many computer users suffer from back problems This is because of poor posture, an awkward position when sitting, or sitting there for a long time. This can lead to long term health problems. Preventing Back Pain Take Regular Breaks Sit upright in chair Make sure chair has maximum back support Make sure chair is fully adjustable. 5) Exposure to Radiation Computers monitors are a source of extremely low radiation frequency (ELF) Radiation is emitted from the computer screen which can lead to health problems e.g. Miscarriages. Preventing Exposure to Radiation Take Regular Breaks Have equipment checked regularly 6) ...read more.


Hardware- Screens must not flicker, should tilt and swivel. Keyboards must be separate, moveable and fitted with wrist supports. Software- software should make easier the tasks that employers require employees to perform. It must be easy to use and adaptable to the user's experience. The working environment- The work space should be well ventilated and maintained at a comfortable temperature and humidity with air conditioning and heating. Electrical Considerations- Equipment must be checked regularly to prevent showing wires and other electrical hazards. Cables and wires- these must be kept clean and tidy to prevent potential trips and possible breakages. Food and Drink- Food and drink should be kept away from computers as they can get inside the keyboards or the monitor and cause them to stick and potentially crash. ...read more.

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