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Here are 3 ways of receiving internet broadband access. ISDN - ISDN stands for Integrated Services Digital Network. It is a type of digital data and internet service

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In order for you to connect to the internet, you need several components to do so - 1. Computer 2. Internet Software 3. Modem 4. Communications Line 5. ISP Here are 3 ways of receiving internet broadband access. ISDN - ISDN stands for Integrated Services Digital Network. It is a type of digital data and internet service. ISDN is a digital service; your computer connects to the ISDN line and transmits without having to convert it into sound first. There are two types of rate service - Basic - Primary The terminal adaptor allows you to connect to two telephones each with there own number (as shown above). This provides three fully duplex channels. The first channel is used for control purposes and the other two are to carry out either voice or data. The rate at which data travels on these two channels is 64kilobits per second. The two channels can be used in parallel to provide a data transmission of 128Kilobites per second. The terminal adaptor connect to two telephones each with there own number. A router can be then connected directly to an ISDN line providing the internet service on a LAN network. ...read more.


So what are fibre optic cables? They are long thin strands of pure glass that are used to transmit signals over long distances. The Core - The thin glass centre where data travels Cladding - Outer optical material that reflects the light back into the core Buffer Coat - Plastic coating protecting the cable. The light in the cable travels through the core by constant bouncing from the cladding (mirror walls) a process called total internal reflection. However some of the light signal degrades mostly because of glass impurities in the fibre. For you to have broadband access with fibre-optics you need - - A Transmitter - receives and directs the optical device to turn light off or on generating a light signal - Optical Fibres - This conducts the light signal over a distance - Optical regenerator - This boosts light signals incase of the signal degrading - Optical Receiver - Takes in the incoming digital light signals, decodes them and sends the electrical signal to the other users' computer. Advantages - Less expensive - Thinner cable - Higher carrying capacity - Less signal degradation - Low power - Non Flammable - Lightweight Above are different ways of receiving broadband internet access and are several ways that society has benefited from internet access. ...read more.


time - Other formats of data can be send other than text - Speed of delivery is almost instant - Can produce carbon copies - Use of an address book to look up recipients - Safe as requires your password to access. - You can access your email account as long as you have an internet connection. Some of the disadvantages are - You need the equipment with a modem to access the internet. - Spam email can be sent to you account - Viruses can prevent you opening attachments up from the internet Faxing Faxing is a telecopying device that electronically transmits written or graphical material over a telephone lines to produce a hard copy at the remote location. Fax provides immediate transmission of text or picture. Fax has made an important impact on society as business may need hard copies of documents therefore fax is a good way of sending these documents. o Pictures as well as text can be sent o The fax will continue redialling if the line is engaged o Almost immediate o Cost less than a stamp o Confirmation once sent o Only a fax and a phone line required The disadvantages however are - o Security as a fax can be read by any one at the receiving end. ...read more.

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