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Hire Shop - creating a database.

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Hire Shop Article I. Description of task. I'm going to make my shop a musical hire shop. I'll base the project on a local shop that hires out musical instruments, PA systems, lights and amplification systems. The database will be for the owner of the musical hire shop. It will tell him what has been hired out, who has hired it and it will also identify if someone has still got hired out equipment although there time has ran out. At the moment the shop does use a computer which stores the information about what is hired out and who has got it. It's stored as a list, not as a database. I think a database is a lot easier to use and information is easy to access. It will help run the shop more efficiently and information will be shown quicker and easier. Analysis I interviewed the owner of Faversham's local musical hire shop to find out what the shop does and how everything is stored on its computers. I asked if he would benefit from a new database system designed specially for his shop. He told me that a database system would be a lot faster and easier for him to gain efficient information about the customers and what they have hired from the shop. For the full conversation please see appendix A. I e-mailed a questionnaire to the shop, which mainly included what the users of the system want from the database. It showed that the users want an easily accessible system that isn't too hard to operate. ...read more.


20 The shop will need to keep record of what has been hired out Specifications Times new roman Text 70 This information will be needed as customers might ask for a specific specification. Condition Times new roman Text 50 Customers will have to pay for any damages they do to the equipment Hired from/until Times new roman Date 6 The shop will need to know when their equipment was hired out and when it is due back Price Times new roman Numeric 7 This will be needed simply to remind the shop owner how much the equipment will cost to hire out. I have designed the layout of the two databases on power point and put them in the appendix C and D. These lay outs also show a brief idea of what the data capture form will look like. The colour scheme I have decided on is blue with pictures of products that the shop hires out. There will be links on the page to turn to the other part of the database and to go back to the person displayed on the screen and a button to turn to the next person on the database. Hardware resources The hardware needed for my system to work would be: - Mouse - A mouse is essential, as the operator will need it to click on what boxes they want to fill in and to choose options on the screen. Keyboard - The operator will have to use the keyboard to type in the customers' information and the necessary information about each piece of equipment. ...read more.


* The database has 50 records all together. There are 27 records of people who have or is hiring out the shops equipment and 23 records of equipment hired out by the shop. Appendix (J) * The database is very easy to operate as once the information is stored in the database all that is need is a name or a item from the shop etc. to access all the other information about the equipment or the person hiring it out. * The information is very easy to access as once you have found the information (above) then all the information that is needed is displayed as an output on the screen of the computer. * The owner of the shop wanted the database to look good, and wanted the shop logo on the top of the page a long with other art work relating to the shop. Unfortunately the shop owner didn't give me a sample of their logo so I added more artistic pictures relating to what the shop sells * By accessing the data about the date the equipment is due back you can see weather the equipment has been returned or not. If a person is hasn't returned the equipment then the computer operator can print off the page and use the personal details about the person who has hired the equipment to get in touch with them. * All the fields which I stated earlier are included in the database so that all the information needed to get information is displayed on the screen. * The database could be improved by having a newer version of lotus approach and a newer system as the current system is quite slow. ?? ?? ?? ?? Communicating and Handling Information Projects for GCSE Information Technology. Benn Harlow 11G. ...read more.

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