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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 5269

Home page design

Extracts from this document...


Home page For the title of my home page I have decided to put it in WordArt. The WordArt title is the name of the surgery, which is "PARK VIEW VETERINARY SURGERY". I haven't decided what WordArt I am going to use yet so I will state the WordArt, which I will use when I am making and implementing the actual web page. For the font of the text I have decided to keep it in "Times New Roman" as it will be easy to read. For the text size of the WordArt I have chosen to keep the size as 36 as it will be a good size for a title so that it won't take up too much space. For this title I have decided to put all of the letters in capitals, as it will stand out more. Also for the font size of the title I have decided not to change the size of the font, but to change the sizes of the WordArt by changing the dimensions of it separately as it will be easier to judge what size to make the title. Also for the title I have chosen not to have the title in any extra options such as bold, italics, or underlined as I think that it will look better quite complex but yet simple at the same time. Another thing that I have chosen to put in my home page is that I have selected to have no shadow for the title as it takes up more space and I think it looks better without it. This meets the needs of the user as it clearly states the name of the surgery so people viewing the website will see the name of the surgery easily. For the address of the veterinary surgery, which is "27 Park View, Lancre, LA6 9EJ". I have also decided to use WordArt, but as before for the title I haven't decided yet what WordArt I am going to use so I will decide which one to use there and then when I am making the home page. ...read more.


This meets the needs of the user, as it will be able to be read easily so viewers of the web page can gain an insight on cats either because they have one or they just want to read up on it. For the link back to home page I have decided to hyperlink the word "HOME". I have put it in capital letters, as it will clearly stand out the word so they are aware that it will hyperlink back to the homepage. For the font size of the hyperlink back to homepage I have decided to have the hyperlink in font size 24 as I think that it is a good size as it is big so it can be seen clearly, not too small so it cant be seen but not too big so that it takes up too much space. For the clip art picture that Rachel also wanted me to use I have decided to use the clip labelled "Clip Art 4" as the picture fro this specific clip art is a picture of a home so It will go well with the home word hyperlink. This meets the needs of the user as it shows the viewer the link back to the homepage clearly so that the viewer doesn't have any troubles reading it. For the font colour I have decided to put the home hyperlink in the colour red, as it will match with the homepage hyperlinks and the animal of the month title. This meets the needs of the user is it will show up bold making it even easier for the viewers to read. For the font of the animal of the month page I have decided to put the whole page in he standard font, which is Times New Roman like in the home page, because, it will be easy to read. This meets the needs of the user as it will also be able to be read clearly like the home page as none of the information will mistakably be read wrong. ...read more.


Also to make my web site I need to be able to change the look of the WordArt. With Microsoft Publisher I can change the WordArt into any kind of shape using Microsoft's WordArt shape tool to change the shape of the WordArt to the one I need. For several hyperlinks I need to include words as well as pictures. With Microsoft Publisher you can make anything you want or need into a hyperlink. For my titles of the extra web pages that Rachel wanted I need to make a bold, big title. With Microsoft Publisher I can make that title as Microsoft Publisher includes the Bold, Italics and Underlined options. For all of my web pages I must be able to put in pictures and clip art images onto the pages. With Microsoft Publisher you can easily insert any type of picture file onto the pages easily just by clicking onto its specifically functioned insert tool. For all of my pictures on all of the pages I need to wrap text around pictures so that all of these can be seen and not with the relative information over it. With Microsoft Publisher you can wrap text around any type of picture with any other type of text wrapping setting. In order to make my web pages with information on them I need to be able to make text boxes so I can put words inside them. With Microsoft Publisher you can put text boxes in any size and put any text sizes in the boxes. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For my web page I am not going to use the Microsoft Publisher wizard as I would prefer starting from scratch. Even though once the wizard has set up you can delete items that the wizard has automatically put in, I prefer putting in only things that I need as it saves time, and overall I don't like the wizard and I would prefer making the whole site on my own without the aid of a wizard. ...read more.

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