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How do the land use, housing and environmental quality in Tudor, Callowland, Nascot and Park wards of Watford affect the relative "desirability" of the wards?

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How do the land use, housing and environmental quality in Tudor, Callowland, Nascot and Park wards of Watford affect the relative "desirability" of the wards? I will now discuss primary data regarding the four wards, and not to include any secondary data, including census data or researched data from the Internet. A colour coded map will provide an easy visual report of the distribution and separation of various housing types, as well a where forests and parks are laid out, and link that to the environmental quality of each of the four wards. I will discus each ward separately and then conclude it in a final paragraph at the end of this section. The concluding paragraph will contain graphs and charts to help enhance the comparisons. Of course when discussing the desirability of somewhere, you have to take into account who it is for. For example, a student would not live in a 5 bedroom detached house. ...read more.


We were due to take the next turning on the right which led us into Langley Way. On the junction of Langley Way and Parkside Drive, the second environmental quality survey was taken. As we turned up into Langley Way, we noticed semi-detached housing on either side of the road until Richmond road on the right, and until Bellmount Wood Avenue on the left. The stream of detached housing continued from there onwards. We carried on up Langley Way, until we met a roundabout which split Langley Way and Cassiobury Drive. Our first sighting of local shops were seen on the opposite side of the roundabout, this is coloured in RED on the colour-coded map. Besides these few shops and a pub on the left hand side, detached housing was all around us. We contined up Langley Way until Devereux Drive was seen at a 90' angle to Langley Way. We proceeded left and were still surrounded by detached housing. ...read more.


The large park within the ward will indefinitely contribute to the property prices as property prices are strongly based on location, location, location, and due to the fact that they are detached, this leaves a good image in my mind of my first impression of Watford. Nascot Ward As we commenced our journey down Hempstead Road and into Rosecroft Drive, we noticed that although Hempstead Road is very busy, the houses within Rosecroft Drive and the surrounding road were fairly large detached houses. At the junction of The Ridgeway, and Rosecroft Drive, the first environmental quality survey of this ward was taken, which received high marks when taking into account it's location next to an extremely busy road. We then took a right down The Ridgeway, and noticed how the houses were in good keep and fairly big. The road we were in (The Ridgeway) was fairly quiet and in good condition due to the fact that off road/private parking was available. The field sketch below, shows a typical house within Nascot ward. ...read more.

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