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How has ICT helped Develop Cyber Café's?

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How has ICT helped Develop Cyber Caf�'s? The internet is the whole reason that cyber caf�'s even exist if the internet was to be shut down today every cyber caf� in the world would lose a lot of their income an would most probably have to shut up shop. Cyber caf�s are just like normal caf�s they serve refreshments and food and they also let people have access to the internet. This is a great way for people who do not have a computer or internet access to get into the World Wide Web. It is quite easy to find one as there are advertisements everywhere that will catch your eye with interesting things to say about their own cyber caf�, "A cafe that nourishes your mind as well as your body; with tasty SoHo style food and a trip into the digital world of Cyber Space. ...read more.


Some places can be quite pricey charging up to �6 per hour [3] whereas others can charge �1 per hour [4], it simply depends on where you go. Some even charge per minute which in a way can be better on your spending budget you might have. Cyber caf�'s are starting up everywhere mainly where lots of people work so there will be lots of them in places like Cutty Sark and London Bridge where a lot of people go to eat lunch and chill out from work. Although some major companies do not allow their employees to use their computers for he internet in their lunch break of for after hour's personal work. This is where the cyber caf� would come in and help them to do what they have to do. This is also a great help for university students who cannot afford to have the internet connection their living quarters because it will cost them ...read more.


Although sometimes it can be hard to get into a cyber caf� because if you decide to join a busy cyber caf� there is not always a guarantee that you will always get a computer and at home you will have one just sitting there. Some cyber caf�'s don't just offer the internet as part of their service they can also come with a printer, a scanner and a photocopier, but mainly the smaller ones have the scanner and photocopier but it will also cost a bit more than just the internet because you will be using other facilities. In conclusion cyber caf�'s are very good for communities either for getting in touch with others or just using for your own personal things. It is also much cheaper than getting a dial up internet connection. It allows you on the internet whenever you want as long as there are enough computers when you go. So having a cyber caf� near you is much better than having the internet at home. ...read more.

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