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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
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How has technology changed and affected shopping trends and the social behaviour of customers?

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TECHNOLOGY & CHANGE CI1141 Individual Report Application Area 2 PESTLE analysis 2 Research topic question 2 Preface 2 Introduction 2 The ICT industry 2 The growth of ICT in the retailing industry over the years 2 Customer shopping habits/trends 3 How Has Technology Changed and Affected Shopping Trends? 3 ICT innovations 3 Types of cards 3 Credit/Debit cards 4 Bar Code Scanner 4 Touch Screen Tills 4 Loyalty/Store Cards 4 On-line shopping 5 Sales Figures 5 How has technology changed and affected the social behaviour of customers? 6 On-line shopping 6 Credit/Debit Cards 7 Environmental and transportation issues 7 Conclusion 8 Bibliography 1.1 Application Area Retail 1.2 PESTLE Perspective Social 1.3 Research Topic Question How has technology changed and affected shopping trends and the social behaviour of customers? 2.0 Preface/Abstract The purpose of this report is to analysis the PESTLE analysis; this report will contain one context of an Application Area, and then choose a research question based on both. In this case am talking about the social aspect and the retailing area. I will also being looking at how IT technology has changed shopping trends and how its affects the social behavior of customers. I will also be talking about several issues that answer my research question, mainly talking about the social perception of things. As that is my main area of interest. I will cover such issues as credit/ debit, on-line shopping, bar code scanners, customer shopping trends, and many more issues that are related to IT technology and retailing and social factors. 2.1 Introduction Aim of this project is to construct an individual report, relating IT impacts to customers and then relating it to their behavior and how technology has affected their behavior, looking mainly at the negative aspects of their life.


These cards normally work according to the shopping habits of each customer, for example if a customer buys goods worth a lot of money they will receive more points on their store card. Whereas if a customer purchases less goods they will receive less points. Also companies have invented different types of cards for different customers, again this looks at the shopping patterns of customers, there are cards which give customers points every time they purchase an item, and then they can buy items using those points. Then on the other hand there are store cards that offer you the same facilities as credit cards, where you can buy now and shop later. 4.7 On-Line Shopping On-line shopping facilities available now- trends have changed from customers actually buying goods in store, from shopping on the internet; this gives them the flexibility to shop anytime and anywhere, whereas before they would have to go out and travel to do their shopping and wouldn't have the flexibility or the facility to shop at their own convenience and at home. On-line shopping has potential advantages to customers, as it's a very popular method of shopping these days. Some of the main benefits have been outlined below: * Decrease in price: items and goods are cheaper on the internet, this due to the reason that warehouse and staff costs are lower, and also because on-line shops or retailing outlets want to attract and retain more customers. * Customer convenience: shopping on the internet is an easier method of shopping. It can be done at home in your own convenient time and also it's is much faster. * Faster and quicker delivery: most companies' websites deliver within a few days, e.g.


All motor vehicles emit fumes which reduce local air quality, add to low level ozone and can cause health problems. Diesel exhaust is being linked to asthma and causes most of the black soot which discolours buildings. All exhaust fumes contribute to global warming and cause acid rain. Last two paragraphs taken from the sources 6.0 Conclusion Overall, the technology has changed the modern society in many different ways, as people tend to advance along with the technology. These changes have led to people being more communicative to each other and work together in a way that they choose to. They have more control over the things they do. Technology brings people closer everyday. Since new technology comes out quickly people are forced to buy them even if they don't need these goods. The marketing power of these new technology products is immense. Most of the work these days is done from home and things like the Internet shopping, Online banking, Mobile Phones, Portable computers, and Online chat has helped people to stay in touch and brings them closer and enables them to keep in touch with their friends and families. It also makes our life more complicated and we have access to a great deal of information than before. The retail industry has taken advantage of these new technologies and using it to its full potential. The current advancement in these technologies is driving the people to buy new things often and make them feel happy about it. The products of technology are available to almost everyone in society. Cars influence the ways communities are developing. It's the modern day social backbone of communities without it some remote communities wont exist Cars and trucks are essential for transport of the retail goods and give the people the freedom to go anywhere they want 7.

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