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How I use ICT at home and at school

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ICT I use ICT in many ways at home and at school. I use ICT every day at home and at school I try and use ICT to its full potential. Key Personal - Home P/H Personal - School P/S Social - Home S/H Social - School S/S Internet Intranet P/S E-mail P/H, P/S, S/H, S/S W.A.P S/H Searching P/H, P/S Access Touch screen monitor Remote controls P/H Keyboards P/H, P/S, S/H, S/S Cash points P/H Communication Video phones S/H Mobile phone S/H Video conference Telephone S/H Entertainment Games console S/H MP3 P/H, P/S Digital T.V P.C P/H, S/H Washing machine Microwave P/H Dishwasher P/H Data Capture V.C.R P/H, S/H D.VD player P/H CCTV Scanner P/H Digital camera P/H Credit/debit card Mobile Phone P/H P.D.A W.A.P ...read more.


I use ICT for communication too I have a mobile video phone that I use to contact my family and my friends with my video mobile phone I can hold video conversations with some of my other friends with video phones and I also have access to a house phone to contact my family and friends. I also use ICT for entertainment because I play games on my computer and I have a games console which I use to play games on too. I have an mp3 player for entertainment on the move because I listen to music a lot. I use ICT for data capture too because I have a VCR to play videos and I also have a DVD player which use to watch movies. ...read more.


My dad also uses a laptop to connect to the internet and to play games and to do work to do with his occupation. My dad uses the internet to find out information he also uses the internet to send emails to his family and friends in another country. He also uses the internet to do internet banking. I dad uses ICT out and about because he uses cash points. My dad has a VCR at home and he also has a DVD player so he can have entertainment he also has a DVD player on his laptop so that he can have entertainment on the move my dad has access to a microwave and a dishwasher to make things easier around the house. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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