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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 2434

How I use technology at home and at school.

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Technology I use Category Personal/Social/School Related Where? Description Mobile Phone Communication Personal & Social Anywhere I use it to communicate with my friends and family. Alarm Clock Alarm Personal Bedroom I use it to wake me up at a specific time. Television Entertainment Personal Living Room & Bedroom I use it to keep me entertained or to seek knowledge. Laptop Personal Computer Personal, Social & School Related Anywhere I use it to, do my homework/coursework, and chat with my friends and also to play games. Stereo Entertainment Personal Bedroom I use it to listen to my music. MP3 Entertainment Personal Anywhere I use it to keep me entertained through my journeys. By: Sekariya Sultan How I personally use these technology: Mobile Phone - I personally use this technology everyday, I use it to communicate, text and entertain myself with the games. The model of phone is Sony Erricson, for me it is easier to use than any other phone as it's stylish and simple, for example if I need to use the alarm, all I have to do is go to my shortcuts with one button and click the alarm on and edit the time. But it does have its advantages and disadvantages, e.g. the advantage of using the technology personally is that I can text, call and play games where as on the other hand the disadvantage is that it can have no signal, meaning that I cannot call, nor text. ...read more.


It comes in handy when using it socially, because if an accident happened and you need to call the emergency helpline as quick as possible, then all you have to do is use your mobile phone and quickly call an ambulance. The disadvantage is that if dropped on the pavement it may get damaged and not work anymore, making you buys another mobile phone. The advantage of using it socially is that it could save someone's life if they are in trouble. I cannot manage without this technology socially, because I know I may need it one day, for calling the emergency helpline or to call my parents if I'm lost. Alarm Clock - I don't really use the alarm clock socially, it's because I don't use the technology outside of the house. How ever it can be used socially like reminding yourself that you have something to do, the advantage of this technology is that its battery free, you can plug it in the socket with ease, but the disadvantage is that it can have a power cut anytime. I can manage without this technology, because I can find other ways of waking myself up, but on the other hand it has made my choice easier. T.V. - I can't take my TV with me; I barely use it socially since I'm at school, but my school does have a TV. ...read more.


I couldn't manage without this technology because it has opened up an easy way of finishing homework/coursework and an easy way of getting information. Stereo - In my old school, my teacher would always put on the stereo. The advantages is that if you can listen to music of your choice, but the biggest disadvantage is that if your teacher lets you, and it's most likely they wont. I can manage without this technology, because it isn't used that much in school, because the teachers in my school have laptops which can also play music. MP3 - My school doesn't allow MP3 in lessons, because it distracts the student from listening to the teachers, but I do listen to it at break times because my school haven't forbidden it. The advantage of using this technology at school is that you can use it as a USB, e.g. if you lose your original USB stick, and you saved your work on the computer, then you can get your MP3 USB and save your work on there. The disadvantage is that the USB end can be damaged and thus cannot access your data nor save anything. Conclusion: In conclusion I thing the technology's above has benefited me in some kind of way, in my school and at home, without these I don't know where I would be. It has had an impact in my life and made things easier for me, but in future I know that these technologies will become much easier. ...read more.

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