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How ICT affects students.

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How ICT affects students This report covers how ICT has impacted the way I do things at home and at school. When I was planning this investigation on ICT and how it affects my way of life. I decided to record what I did in my rough book over a period of one week, I then analysed the various events that took place to see what ICT I used in my every day life. This is what I found: Social/Personal ICT in use SMS (Simple Messaging Service) Sending text messages to friends E-Mail Sending E-Mails to friends and school On-Line Shopping Shopping on-line Ceefax Finding out what time television programmes are on MSN Messenger Talking to friends Mobile Telephone Asking when to meet friends Playstation Playing GT2 Computer Doing Homework Touch screen Finding bus times in Spilsby How do the ICT uses meet my needs? Social/Personal * SMS (Simple Messaging Service) I use SMS whenever I can because it is cheap, fast and easy to use. It is quite convenient to contact friend about meeting up or going out places. I can get hold of my parents when I am asked to go round a friends house unrepentantly or am called up for a football match which I was unaware about. Text messages can also be used for recreational purposes such as just chatting, I also use it when I do not understand my homework or have forgotten to write it down. ...read more.


It is also private so no one can access my messenger service unless they have access to my password. The only disadvantages are that, like e-mail I cannot access it on the move, and I have to be connected to the Internet to use it. Another drawback is that not every computer has the software installed on it, and it does take a while to download it and hard to find it on the MSN website. * Mobile Telephone Mobile telephones, or mobiles are telephones that can be taken almost anywhere to be used and have the capability to use SMS, taking and sending pictures, playing games, using the internet, playing the radio and of coarse as a telephone. I can use it to tell my parents about events, or chatting to friends. The major drawbacks are that it costs a lot to ring another mobile or landline and also that not all mobiles can perform the mentioned tasks and if they can then they also cost money. As with most people that are under 21 I have a 'Pay As You Go' mobile, which means that I have to buy 'credit ' whenever I run out. The amount of credit is the amount I spend, for example, I spend �10 on credit then I get �10 worth of credit, if I have no credit then my mobile can not be used for SMS, ringing people, sending pictures or using the internet. ...read more.


This makes measuring acceleration over a large distance near impossible. * Bar code scanner The bar code scanner is used in the library for the loan of books and a record of who has which book is stored on a computer, this means that the loan of books is monitored. It benefits me because it saves a lot of time, as all the librarian has to do is scan the bar code on my library card, to find out who I am and then scan the bar code on the book and the information is automatically stored. The disadvantages I find with the bar code scanner is that the program has to be set up to recognise the different bar codes on the books and the library cards. * Scanner This allows me to put my pictures on to the computer, so I can put pictures that I may have drawn and scan them into the computer, which creates an exact copy of it which I can edit using a paint program. This helps because it means that I do not have to produce a picture on a clumsy paint program for me to e-mail it around the world I can just scan it in and send it. The disadvantages encountered by me while using this is that the programs which are needed to use a scanner are often difficult to use, also the purchase of a good scanner is necessary which can sometimes cost a lot of money. Aden Wiltshire 10T 28/04/2007 1 ...read more.

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