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How ICT can improve a business by speed and quality

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Coursework Preparation Analysis for Task 1 In this project I am going to show how ICT can improve a business by speed and quality. I am going to show this by using a School's Sports Day as an example. When using ICT to create a booklet for this Sports Day it is improving the time taken to create it as it is much easier to make it by computer. If allows you to move pictures around so you can find the perfect position for them on the different pages. It also allows you print off as many copies as you want, rather than photocopying every page. It will not take as much time because you can insert any piece of information and you will be able to move things around to make everything be in its best position. For the Sports Day this year I will be creating an A5 programme. On the first page there will be the School's Crest along with two photographs of the school. ...read more.


The entrance cost would be produced in PowerPoint so it can be created with lots of colours. The price of drinks to make a profit would be the information to be output. The data needed to produce the output would be the model on how many drinks are sold compared to the weather. I would like the best price to result in a profit. Design - Task 1 The problem that has to be solved is how to arrange the front and back page of the brochure for the school's Sports Day, and the software that might be useful to achieve this. I shall use Microsoft Word to solve this problem. This is because the functions of the features available on Microsoft Word are necessary for solving the problem. Firstly, to set about reaching the problem I will use the functions of Word to make titles and sub-titles bold, italic and using the appropriate font size. The reason for this is so they will stand out, allowing the readers to see them more easily as they would be more clearer and more alluring. ...read more.


The formulae I used were simple, only addition and multiplication sums being used. For the spreadsheets I will produce I will use Microsoft Excel. The following table outlines the software features needed to produce my Price Pledge Model, and for each feature, the suitability of Excel has been examined. Excel has a simple-to-use replicate feature. I can select a cell (that contains text, a number or formulae), highlight a section to the right and copy the contents of the original cell into those selected to the right. It will automatically change the letter for the column being used as it's replicated across. Excel can carry out simple calculations. For example, I need it to calculate the cost of hot drinks, e.g. D4*B8. Test Plan Testing for this spreadsheet will be needed, for example: Test Data This data is given from last year: On a warm day, 150 hot drinks and 400 cold drinks were sold. Cost of drinks: 60p for hot drinks and 54p charged for cold drinks gives a �1 profit. Cost of drinks: 60p for hot drinks and 53p charged for cold drinks gives a �3 loss. Patrick McGrath 1 ...read more.

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